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May 6, 2024 Current Affairs

1. Which company developed the FWD-200B, India's first indigenous bomber unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)?

A.    Falcon Wing UAV

B.    Flying Wedge Defence

C.   Avian Vanguard Drone

D.   Swift Avenger Aircraft

Answer: Option B


The FWD-200B, developed by Flying Wedge Defence, marks a significant milestone in India's defense capabilities. Its advanced features, strategic significance, and potential applications make it a formidable asset in safeguarding the nation's interests. With the introduction of this indigenous bomber UAV, India takes a giant leap towards self-sufficiency and innovation in defense technology, solidifying its position as a force to be reckoned with on the global stage.


2. When was the Prohibition of Child Marriage Act enacted in India?

A.    1996

B.    2016

C.   2007

D.   2021

Answer: Option C


The Prohibition of Child Marriage Act, enacted in India in 2007, stands as a significant step towards combating child marriage and safeguarding the rights of children. Through its provisions, this legislation establishes the minimum marriage age, emphasizes consent, imposes legal penalties, and promotes awareness. As a society, it is essential to continue striving for the eradication of child marriage, ensuring a brighter and more secure future for our children.


3. Which bank recently joined the league of top 5 companies by market value after HDFC Bank?

A.    Federal Bank

B.    Axis Bank

C.   YES Bank

D.   ICICI Bank

Answer: Option D


ICICI Bank's inclusion in the top 5 companies by market value is a significant milestone that underscores the bank's exceptional performance and market standing. This achievement not only highlights ICICI Bank's commitment to excellence but also reflects the overall strength and potential of the banking industry. As ICICI Bank continues to forge ahead on its growth trajectory, it sets a benchmark for other financial institutions to strive towards. Exciting times lie ahead for ICICI Bank and the banking sector as they continue to shape India's financial landscape.


4. Which organization received RBI approval to establish a subsidiary in GIFT City?

A.    NTPC

B.    Powergrid

C.   REC

D.   India Power

Answer: Option C


The RBI approval for REC Ltd. to establish a subsidiary in GIFT City marks a significant step for the company's expansion plans. With this approval, REC Ltd. gains access to the thriving financial ecosystem of GIFT City, enabling it to enhance its operations, attract investments, and contribute to the sustainable development of the power sector. This move reinforces REC Ltd.'s commitment to driving the growth of renewable energy and power infrastructure in India.


5. Which State of the United States is Known as the "Yellowhammer State"?

A.    Alabama

B.    Texas

C.   Florida

D.   California

Answer: Option A


Alabama's nickname as the "Yellowhammer State" holds a special place in its history and identity. Originating from the yellow-trimmed uniforms of Huntsville soldiers during the Civil War, this nickname has evolved to symbolize the state's vibrant spirit. With the yellowhammer bird as its state bird, Alabama proudly embraces this unique moniker. So, when you think of Alabama, remember the "Yellowhammer State" and all the beauty and heritage it represents.


6. Which country secured both the men's and women's titles at the 2024 BWF Thomas & Uber Cup Finals?

A.    Indonesia

B.    India

C.   Japan

D.   China

Answer: Option D


In a stunning display of badminton prowess, China emerged victorious in both the men's and women's categories at the 2024 BWF Thomas & Uber Cup Finals. Their exceptional skills, strategic gameplay, and sheer determination propelled them to reclaim their position as the top badminton nation. With this remarkable achievement, China once again solidified its dominance on the global badminton stage.


7. Which country announced plans to introduce a new Rs-100 currency note featuring disputed territories claimed by India?

A.    Bhutan

B.    Bangladesh

C.   Nepal

D.   Sri Lanka

Answer: Option C


Nepal's decision to introduce a new Rs-100 currency note featuring disputed territories claimed by India has ignited tensions and further complicated the long-standing border disputes between the two nations. While the move symbolizes Nepal's assertiveness in asserting its claims, it has also strained bilateral relations and drawn international attention. It remains to be seen how this situation will unfold and whether peaceful resolutions can be reached. The territorial disputes continue to be a sensitive issue that requires diplomatic efforts and dialogue to find a mutually acceptable resolution.


8. When is World Portuguese Language Day observed?

A.    May 3

B.    May 5

C.   May 7

D.   May 9

Answer: Option B


As we conclude our journey into the world of Portuguese language and culture, we recognize the immense importance of World Portuguese Language Day. It serves as a reminder of the language's historical legacy, its widespread influence, and its ability to bridge gaps and foster understanding among diverse communities. May 5th stands as a tribute to the Portuguese language's past, present, and future, reminding us of its enduring impact on our interconnected world.


9. Which company is set to launch the world's first CNG-powered bike?

A.    Hero MotoCorp

B.    TVS Motors

C.   Bajaj Auto

D.   Yamaha Motors

Answer: Option C


Bajaj Auto's upcoming launch of the Bruzer 125 CNG marks a significant milestone in the quest for sustainable mobility. By providing a CNG-powered bike, Bajaj Auto offers consumers the opportunity to make a positive impact on the environment without compromising on performance or convenience. As the world embraces greener alternatives, Bajaj Auto's pioneering vision sets a new standard for the future of transportation.


10. Which country did the EU announce a $1 billion aid package to amid an Economic Crisis?

A.    Lebanon

B.    Germany

C.   France

D.   Italy

Answer: Option A


The EU's announcement of a $1 billion aid package to Lebanon amid its economic crisis is a significant step towards stabilizing the country and fostering socio-economic development. This timely support will not only address the immediate needs of the Lebanese people but also lay the foundation for long-term growth. However, it is crucial for Lebanon's government to seize this opportunity and implement necessary reforms to address the root causes of the crisis. With collective efforts, Lebanon can emerge stronger and more resilient from this challenging period.


11. Who has been appointed as the National Ambassador for UNICEF India?

A.    Gauranshi Sharma

B.    Kartik Verma

C.   Nahid Afrin

D.   Kareena Kapoor Khan

Answer: Option D


Kareena Kapoor Khan's appointment as the National Ambassador for UNICEF India marks a significant milestone in her journey towards creating a better future for children. Her passion, dedication, and influence will undoubtedly contribute to the ongoing efforts of UNICEF to improve the lives of children in India. With Kareena at the helm, we can look forward to a brighter and more inclusive future for our nation's youth.


12. Which country hosted the AFC U-23 Asian Cup where Japan triumphed and secured an Olympic berth?

A.    Japan

B.    Qatar

C.   Uzbekistan

D.   Iraq

Answer: Option B


The AFC U-23 Asian Cup held in Doha, Qatar, provided a platform for young football talents to shine. Japan's remarkable journey and eventual triumph showcased their strength, skill, and determination. Their victory not only brought joy to their nation but also secured their place in the upcoming Paris Olympics. The tournament once again highlighted the immense potential and bright future of Asian football.


13. India and which country are integrating their payment systems for enhanced trade?

A.    Ghana

B.    Nigeria

C.   Namibia

D.   Kenya

Answer: Option A


The integration of payment systems between India and Ghana marks a significant milestone in their efforts to strengthen trade bonds and foster financial collaboration. By combining the prowess of India's UPI and Ghana's GHIPSS, both nations can unlock new opportunities for seamless cross-border transactions, promote digital payments, and boost trade activities. This strategic move sets the stage for enhanced economic relations, benefiting businesses, individuals, and the overall economies of India and Ghana.


14. Who is set to head the GST Appellate Tribunal?

A.    Nitin Gupta

B.    Sanjaya Kumar Mishra

C.   Dev Prasad

D.   Shelley Jindal

Answer: Option B


The appointment of Sanjaya Kumar Mishra as the head of the GST Appellate Tribunal marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of efficient and fair dispute resolution in the realm of GST. Mishra's impeccable track record, extensive experience, and expertise make him an ideal choice for this crucial role. With his leadership, we can expect expedited resolutions, streamlined processes, and a more robust framework for resolving GST-related disputes. The future of the GST Appellate Tribunal looks promising under Mishra's guidance.


15. For which company was Frank Shrontz the CEO for a decade?

A.    Boeing

B.    Airbus

C.   Lockheed Martin

D.   McDonnell Douglas

Answer: Option A


Frank Shrontz's decade-long tenure as CEO of Boeing was marked by remarkable achievements, propelling the company to new heights of growth and innovation. His visionary leadership, coupled with a commitment to excellence, solidified Boeing's position as a global leader in the aerospace industry. Shrontz's legacy continues to inspire future generations of aviation enthusiasts and industry leaders.


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