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November 20, 2023 Current Affairs

1. Which city in India topped the list of women-led startups, leading in gender diversity in entrepreneurship?

A.    Delhi

B.    Bengaluru

C.   Mumbai

D.   Chennai

Answer: Option B


Bengaluru has emerged as a trailblazer in empowering women entrepreneurs and promoting gender diversity in the startup landscape. With its thriving ecosystem, collaborative environment, and supportive government initiatives, the city has fostered an environment where women-led startups can flourish. As Bengaluru continues to lead the way, it serves as an inspiration and a shining example for other cities to emulate in their pursuit of gender equality and inclusive entrepreneurship.



2. What is the nominal Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of India, marking a historic milestone?

A.    $4 Trillion

B.    $3.5 Trillion

C.   $5 Trillion

D.   $4.5 Trillion

Answer: Option A


India's crossing of the $4 trillion nominal GDP mark signifies a significant economic achievement. It reflects the nation's robust growth, driven by various sectors and favorable factors. However, there are challenges to overcome and opportunities to seize for continued progress. With concerted efforts and strategic reforms, India has the potential to unlock further economic milestones and cement its position as a global economic powerhouse.



3. Which AI research and deployment company appointed Mira Murati as the interim Chief Executive Officer after the dismissal of Sam Altman?

A.    IBM

B.    Microsoft

C.   OpenAI

D.   Google

Answer: Option C



4. When is Women’s Entrepreneurship Day observed globally?

A.    November 17th

B.    November 18th

C.   November 19th

D.   November 20th

Answer: Option C


Women's Entrepreneurship Day, observed globally on November 19th, is a powerful reminder of the invaluable contributions women make to the world of business. It is a day to celebrate their accomplishments, recognize their potential, and advocate for gender equality. By empowering women entrepreneurs, we create a more inclusive and prosperous society for all. Let us continue to support and uplift women in business, not just on Women's Entrepreneurship Day, but every day of the year.



5. What percentage of the total global rice exports does India constitute?

A.    20%

B.    30%

C.   35%

D.   40%

Answer: Option D


India's firm grip on the global rice market, constituting a remarkable 40% share in total global rice exports, showcases its agricultural strength and ability to meet diverse market demands. As we move forward, it will be fascinating to witness how India continues to shape and influence the global rice trade. With its sustainable practices, rich rice varieties, and evolving agricultural techniques, India is destined to remain a dominant force in this thriving industry.



6. Who were jointly awarded the Indira Gandhi Prize for Peace for the year 2022?

A.    World Health Organization (WHO) and Red Cross

B.    Indian Medical Association (IMA) and Trained Nurses Association of India

C.   United Nations (UN) and Doctors Without Borders

D.   International Council of Nurses (ICN) and American Medical Association (AMA)

Answer: Option B


The joint awarding of the Indira Gandhi Prize for Peace for the year 2022 to the Indian Medical Association and the Trained Nurses Association of India is a testament to their unwavering commitment to healthcare excellence and peace-building. Through their relentless efforts, these organizations have positively impacted countless lives and significantly contributed to the betterment of society. This prestigious recognition not only honors their achievements but also inspires others to strive for excellence in healthcare and work towards a more peaceful world.



7. In the 2023 presidential election, which country elected Javier Milei as its president?

A.    United States

B.    Argentina

C.   Brazil

D.   Mexico

Answer: Option B


The 2023 presidential election in Argentina saw the rise of Javier Milei, a charismatic outsider who captured the hearts and minds of disillusioned voters. As Milei assumes the presidency, all eyes are on him to deliver on his promises of economic reform and bring about the change his supporters crave. Only time will tell the true impact of his presidency on Argentina and its future trajectory.



8. In the ongoing free trade agreement talks between the UK and India, the key unresolved issue revolves around the level of protection for which type of products from the agricultural sector?

A.    Organic Produce

B.    Genetically Modified Crops

C.   Sustainable Farming Practices

D.   Geographical Indication Items

Answer: Option D


The unresolved issue in the UK-India free trade agreement talks revolves around the level of protection for Geographical Indication (GI) items. The UK's demand for increased protection, particularly for products like Scotch whisky and cheeses, poses challenges for India's agricultural sector. However, by seeking common ground and exploring alternative solutions, both countries can potentially find a mutually beneficial resolution. It is crucial for these talks to continue with open dialogue and a shared commitment to fostering a fair and balanced agreement.



9. According to the IDF, which group hijacked the cargo ship "Galaxy Leader" en route from Turkey to India in the Red Sea?

A.    Yemen’s Houthi rebels

B.    Somali pirates

C.   Iranian Revolutionary Guard

D.   Libyan insurgents

Answer: Option A


The hijacking of the cargo ship "Galaxy Leader" by Yemen's Houthi rebels serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing challenges faced by maritime trade and security. The incident sheds light on the complex geopolitical landscape in the Red Sea region and underscores the need for enhanced international cooperation to combat piracy and protect seafarers. As the global community grapples with these issues, it is imperative to remain vigilant and proactive in safeguarding the waters that connect nations and facilitate global commerce.



10. On which date is President Droupadi Murmu scheduled to confer the prestigious President’s Colour to the Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC)?

A.    December 1

B.    November 21

C.   December 2

D.   November 22

Answer: Option A


The conferment of the President's Colour to the Armed Forces Medical College on December 1 marks a historic milestone in the institution's journey. This significant event not only recognizes AFMC's contributions but also highlights the unwavering commitment of the armed forces to healthcare excellence. It is a moment of immense pride and honor for AFMC, its faculty, staff, and students. The conferment ceremony will serve as a reminder of the institution's remarkable achievements and its continued dedication to serving the nation.



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