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November 5, 2023 Current Affairs

1. Which country will host the 2024 World Telecommunication Standardisation Assembly (WTSA)?

A.    USA

B.    China

C.   India

D.   Singapore

Answer: Option C


India's selection as the host country for the 2024 World Telecommunication Standardisation Assembly (WTSA) is a momentous occasion for both the nation and the global telecommunications industry. This prestigious event will provide a platform for India to showcase its capabilities, foster collaborations, and contribute to the establishment of international standards. As the countdown begins, the world eagerly awaits the WTSA, where the future of telecommunications will be shaped, and India will take center stage.



2. Which country did India sign a Mobility and Migration Partnership Agreement with?

A.    Italy

B.    France

C.   Germany

D.   United Kingdom

Answer: Option A


The Mobility and Migration Partnership Agreement between India and Italy marks a significant milestone in the bilateral relations between the two nations. By facilitating the movement of workers, students, and professionals, this agreement opens up new avenues for collaboration, economic growth, and cultural exchange. It is a testament to the shared vision of strengthening ties and creating a better future. Through this partnership, India and Italy have set the stage for enhanced opportunities and mutual growth.



3. Who was re-elected as the Chairman of the Armed Forces Tribunal (AFT) for a four-year term in 2023?

A.    D.Y. Chandrachud

B.    Dhananjay Mahapatra

C.   Rajendra Menon

D.   None of the above

Answer: Option C


Rajendra Menon's re-election as the Chairman of the Armed Forces Tribunal for a four-year term in 2023 is a testament to his exceptional leadership and expertise. It signifies the trust placed in him by his peers and the impact he has made during his tenure. With Menon at the helm, the AFT is poised to continue its crucial role in ensuring justice and resolving disputes concerning the service conditions of personnel in the Indian Armed Forces.



4. Who inaugurated the G20 Standards Dialogue 2023 in New Delhi?

A.    Ashwini Kumar Choubey

B.    Piyush Goyal

C.   Amit Shah

D.   Narendra Modi

Answer: Option A


The G20 Standards Dialogue 2023, inaugurated by Ashwini Kumar Choubey, was a remarkable event that emphasized the importance of international standards. It brought together experts from various fields to discuss and collaborate on topics related to quality assurance, sustainability, and innovation. This dialogue sets the stage for enhanced global collaboration, harmonization of standards, and the pursuit of zero defects and zero adverse effects. By prioritizing standards, nations can work towards a more sustainable and prosperous future.



5. Who inaugurated the 71st Foundation Day of the Employees' Provident Fund Organization (EPFO)?

A.    Narendra Modi

B.    Bhupender Yadav

C.   Amit Shah

D.   Nirmala Sitharaman

Answer: Option B


The 71st Foundation Day of EPFO, inaugurated by Bhupender Yadav, marked a significant milestone in the organization's journey towards providing social security to the Indian workforce. As we reflect on the ceremony and the remarkable impact of EPFO, it becomes evident that this organization continues to be a pillar of support and stability for millions of workers across the nation.



6. Which company is Zurich Insurance acquiring a 51% stake in?

A.    Kotak Mahindra Bank

B.    Kotak Life Insurance

C.   Kotak Securities

D.   Kotak General Insurance

Answer: Option D


Zurich Insurance Group's acquisition of a majority stake in Kotak General Insurance represents a significant step forward in the Indian insurance industry. This strategic move is poised to bring about innovation, growth, and enhanced customer experiences in the years to come. As Zurich and Kotak join forces, the stage is set for a dynamic and transformative journey that will shape the future of insurance in India.



7. Which country did India sign an MoU with to enhance educational collaboration?

A.    Saudi Arabia

B.    UAE

C.   France

D.   United Kingdom

Answer: Option B


The signing of the MoU between India and the UAE marks a significant milestone in the realm of educational collaboration. This partnership holds immense potential to transform the educational landscapes of both countries. By promoting student and faculty mobility, knowledge exchange, capacity development, and academic collaboration, it sets the stage for a brighter future in education. As India and the UAE join hands to nurture a generation of globally competent individuals, the impact of this collaboration will undoubtedly be far-reaching, benefiting students, educators, and institutions alike.



8. When is International Day for Biosphere Reserves celebrated?

A.    November 3rd

B.    November 4th

C.   November 5th

D.   November 6th

Answer: Option A


International Day for Biosphere Reserves, celebrated on November 3rd, reminds us of the critical role biosphere reserves play in conserving biodiversity and promoting sustainable development. By raising awareness and understanding, we can actively contribute to the preservation of these valuable areas and ensure a sustainable future for our planet.



9. Which Indian city hosted the three-day 'India Manufacturing Show' in November 2023?

A.    Bengaluru

B.    Mumbai

C.   Delhi

D.   Chennai

Answer: Option A


The three-day 'India Manufacturing Show' in Bengaluru was a resounding success, leaving a lasting impact on the manufacturing landscape of the country. It not only provided a platform for showcasing innovation, but it also fostered collaborations, promoted the 'Make in India' initiative, and reinforced India's position as a global manufacturing powerhouse. As we look ahead, the 'India Manufacturing Show' stands as a testament to the immense potential and bright future that awaits the Indian manufacturing sector.



10. Who was re-elected to serve on the Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions (ACABQ) at the United Nations for the term 2024-26?

A.    Antonio Guterres

B.    Surendra Adhana

C.   John Bolton

D.   Nikki Haley

Answer: Option B


Surendra Adhana's re-election to serve on the Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions (ACABQ) at the United Nations for the term 2024-26 is a well-deserved recognition of his expertise and accomplishments. His continued role within the committee will undoubtedly contribute to the transparency, accountability, and smooth functioning of the United Nations' administrative and financial processes. Adhana's re-election is not only a personal achievement but also a positive reflection of India's commitment to global diplomacy and international cooperation.



11. Which country announced visa-free entry for Indian citizens from November 10, 2023, to May 10, 2024, to boost tourism?

A.    India

B.    Thailand

C.   Taiwan

D.   Sri Lanka

Answer: Option B


Thailand's decision to grant visa-free entry for Indian citizens from November 10, 2023, to May 10, 2024, marks a significant step towards reviving its tourism industry. This move not only simplifies travel for Indian tourists but also showcases Thailand's commitment to fostering strong ties with India. As the country opens its doors wider, it invites Indian travelers to explore its diverse landscapes, immerse themselves in its rich culture, and create unforgettable memories. Let us embark on this exciting journey, as Thailand awaits with open arms to welcome Indian visitors and revive its tourism industry.



12. Which state in India is set to launch a series of microsites to boost pilgrimage tourism?

A.    Tamil Nadu

B.    Madhya Pradesh

C.   Uttar Pradesh

D.   Kerala

Answer: Option D


Kerala's foray into microsites for pilgrimage tourism marks an exciting chapter in the state's ongoing efforts to showcase its cultural and religious heritage. With these specialized platforms, visitors will have easy access to comprehensive information, fostering a deeper connection with the pilgrimage sites and the vibrant traditions they represent. As Kerala continues to innovate and adapt to the digital age, the microsites project is poised to transform the way pilgrims explore and experience this enchanting land of spirituality.



13. When is World Tsunami Awareness Day celebrated?

A.    October 5th

B.    November 4th

C.   November 6th

D.   November 5th

Answer: Option D


World Tsunami Awareness Day, celebrated on November 5th, serves as a poignant reminder of the destructive power of tsunamis. By increasing awareness, promoting preparedness measures, and fostering international cooperation, we can work towards minimizing the devastating impact of tsunamis on vulnerable coastal regions. Let us unite in our efforts to ensure the safety and resilience of communities worldwide.



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