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November 9, 2023 Current Affairs

1. Who launched the LEAP AHEAD initiative?

A.    B. B. Swain

B.    Rajiv Sharma

C.   Alkesh Kumar Sharma

D.   S Krishnan

Answer: Option D


The LEAP AHEAD initiative, spearheaded by Shri S Krishnan, is a game-changer for the Indian startup ecosystem. By providing a conducive environment for innovation and offering comprehensive support to startups, LEAP AHEAD is set to revolutionize the way startups thrive in India. With its collaborative approach and focus on empowering entrepreneurs, LEAP AHEAD is poised to shape the future of the Indian tech industry.



2. Which country has announced a $553 million investment in Adani’s Sri Lanka port terminal project?

A.    India

B.    China

C.   Sri Lanka

D.   US

Answer: Option D


The U.S. International Development Finance Corporation's $553 million investment in Adani's Sri Lanka port terminal project marks a significant milestone in regional economic development and strategic partnerships. This investment not only underscores the growing ties between the United States and Sri Lanka but also showcases the United States' commitment to fostering a prosperous and resilient Indo-Pacific region. As the Colombo Port Terminal project progresses, it holds the potential to unlock new opportunities, drive economic growth, and reinforce the importance of sustainable infrastructure development in the years to come.



3. When is the International Week of Science and Peace 2023 celebrated?

A.    November 8 to 14

B.    November 9 to 13

C.   November 9 to 15

D.   November 10 to 16

Answer: Option C


The International Week of Science and Peace 2023 is celebrated from November 9 to 15. This week serves as a platform to highlight the vital role of science in promoting global peace and development. By fostering collaboration, education, and celebrating achievements, this week inspires individuals and nations to work together towards a more peaceful and prosperous future.



4. What type of license has PayGlocal received in-principle approval from RBI for?

A.    Payment Aggregator

B.    Payment Processor

C.   Merchant Account

D.   Payment Gateway

Answer: Option A


PayGlocal's in-principle approval from RBI for a Payment Aggregator license marks a significant milestone in their journey towards revolutionizing the digital payment landscape. This approval not only validates their commitment to regulatory compliance but also strengthens their position as a trusted fintech company. With this license, PayGlocal is poised to provide merchants and customers with innovative, secure, and convenient payment solutions, driving the growth of the digital economy in India.



5. When is Uttarakhand Foundation Day celebrated?

A.    November 9th

B.    November 10th

C.   November 11th

D.   November 12th

Answer: Option A


Uttarakhand Foundation Day, celebrated on November 9th, is a significant date in the history of the state. It symbolizes the hard-fought struggle for autonomy and the sense of pride that comes with being an independent state. The festivities and cultural programs held on this day bring people together, fostering a sense of unity and celebrating the unique heritage of Uttarakhand.



6. What economic challenge did China face in October despite a surge in imports?

A.    Hyperinflation

B.    Stagnant Growth

C.   Deflation

D.   Inflation

Answer: Option C


Despite a surge in imports, China faced the economic challenge of deflation in October. This posed significant hurdles for policymakers as they worked towards stimulating demand and maintaining stability. By understanding the factors contributing to deflation, assessing the implications for the economy, and implementing appropriate measures, China can navigate its way towards recovery and sustained growth.



7. Who is set to be the next CMD of Konkan Railway?

A.    Rajesh Agarwal

B.    Santosh Kumar Jha

C.   Arvind Kumar

D.   Sanjay Gupta

Answer: Option B


After careful consideration and evaluation of the potential candidates, it has been recommended that Santosh Kumar Jha is set to be the next CMD of Konkan Railway Corporation Limited. With his extensive knowledge, experience, and proven track record within KRCL, Jha is poised to lead the organization towards new milestones. We eagerly await his appointment and the positive impact he will bring to the future of Konkan Railway.



8. Where have IBM and AWS launched an Innovation Lab in India?

A.    Mumbai

B.    Kolkata

C.   Bengaluru

D.   Chennai

Answer: Option C


The launch of the Innovation Lab in Bengaluru marks a significant stride in the journey of technological innovation. IBM and AWS have come together to create a collaborative space where groundbreaking ideas can take shape, and transformative solutions can emerge. As the lab opens its doors to clients worldwide, the possibilities for co-creation and exploration are boundless. The Innovation Lab in Bengaluru not only showcases the city's prowess as a technological hub but also sets the stage for a future where AI-driven solutions redefine industries and shape a better world.



9. What is UBS's revised FY24 real GDP growth estimate for India?

A.    6.1%

B.    6.2%

C.   6.3%

D.   6.4%

Answer: Option C


UBS's revised FY24 real GDP growth estimate for India, standing at 6.3%, signifies a promising outlook for the country's economic landscape. This upward revision reflects the resilience of the Indian economy, the impact of structural reforms, and the potential for sustained growth. As India continues its journey towards becoming a global economic powerhouse, this revised projection instills confidence and underscores the importance of consistent efforts to foster a thriving and prosperous nation.



10. When is World Science Day for Peace and Development celebrated?

A.    November 10th

B.    November 9th

C.   November 11th

D.   November 8th

Answer: Option A


World Science Day for Peace and Development, celebrated annually on November 10th, serves as a reminder of the transformative power of science in shaping a better future for humanity. It highlights the need for collaboration, dialogue, and public engagement to address global challenges and promote sustainable development. Embracing the spirit of this day can propel us towards a brighter and more peaceful world.



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