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October 16, 2023 Current Affairs

1. Who won the FIDE World Junior Rapid Chess Championship in Sardinia, Italy?

A.   Raunak Sadhwani

B.   Nesterov Arseniy

C.   Dimitris Alexakis

D.   Tobias Koelle

Answer: Option A


In the thrilling battle for supremacy at the FIDE World Junior Rapid Chess Championship in Sardinia, Italy, it was Raunak Sadhwani who emerged victorious. His exceptional performance, strategic brilliance, and unwavering determination propelled him to claim the championship title. Congratulations to Raunak Sadhwani for this remarkable achievement, and may his success inspire future generations of chess players to reach for greatness.


2. What is the name of the tallest tree in the world?

A.   Hyperion

B.   Centurion

C.   Doerner Fir

D.   Sequoia

Answer: Option A


As we conclude our journey into the realm of the tallest tree in the world, we are left in awe of the grandeur and resilience of Hyperion and its fellow coast redwoods. These towering giants remind us of the remarkable wonders that nature holds and the importance of preserving our natural heritage. Let us cherish and protect these magnificent trees, ensuring that their towering presence continues to inspire and captivate us for generations to come.


3. Where was the 19-foot tall statue of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, the principal architect of India's Constitution, unveiled outside India?

A.   New York

B.   Washington

C.   Florida

D.   California

Answer: Option B


The unveiling of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar's statue in Washington marks a historic milestone, underscoring the global impact of his ideas and the enduring relevance of his work. This statue not only strengthens the bond between India and the United States but also serves as a powerful symbol of equality, justice, and inspiration for generations to come. As we witness the statue's towering presence, let us reflect on the values it represents and strive to carry forward Dr. Ambedkar's vision of a more inclusive and just world.


4. Which Indian city is commonly referred to as the "Financial Capital of India"?

A.   Delhi

B.   Mumbai

C.   Chennai

D.   Bangalore

Answer: Option B


Mumbai's reputation as the "Financial Capital of India" is well-deserved. Its historical significance, coupled with the presence of the Bombay Stock Exchange, the National Stock Exchange of India, and the Reserve Bank of India, has solidified its position as a thriving economic hub. The city's financial sector continues to attract businesses, investors, and professionals, contributing significantly to India's overall economic growth and development.


5. How many member countries are there in NATO in 2023?

A.   31

B.   30

C.   29

D.   35

Answer: Option A


As of 2023, NATO comprises 31 member countries, with Finland being the most recent addition. The alliance's continued growth and inclusion of new nations underscore its enduring relevance in the realm of international security. NATO's collective defense principle serves as a cornerstone, promoting unity and safeguarding the shared interests of its member states.


6. On which date is World Food Day celebrated?

A.   October 15

B.   October 17

C.   October 16

D.   October 18

Answer: Option C


World Food Day serves as a powerful reminder of the ongoing fight against hunger and malnutrition. It is a day of global solidarity, where individuals, organizations, and governments come together to advocate for a world where no one goes to bed hungry. By raising awareness, implementing sustainable practices, and empowering communities, we can create a future where food security and nutrition are guaranteed for all.


7. Which village in Punjab has received the title of "Best Tourism Village of India 2023"?

A.   Ludhiana

B.   Amritsar

C.   Patiala

D.   Nawanpind Sardaran

Answer: Option D


Nawanpind Sardaran's recognition as the Best Tourism Village of India 2023 is a testament to its breathtaking beauty, commitment to preserving its cultural heritage, and dedication to sustainable tourism. This charming village in Punjab has not only captivated the hearts of visitors but has also set a remarkable example for other destinations. So, if you're seeking an offbeat travel experience that combines natural splendor, cultural richness, and responsible tourism practices, Nawanpind Sardaran should undoubtedly be on your bucket list.


8. Who has recently assumed the position of Director (Finance) at the Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Ltd. (IREDA)?

A.   Shri Pradip Kumar Das

B.   Anand Sharma

C.   Rajesh Verma

D.   B K Mohanty

Answer: Option D


The appointment of Dr. Bijay Kumar Mohanty as the Director (Finance) at IREDA ushers in a new era of financial leadership and strategic vision. With his extensive experience and expertise, Dr. Mohanty is poised to drive IREDA towards greater financial stability, sustainable investments, and exemplary corporate governance. As the agency embarks on this exciting journey, the future looks promising, and IREDA's impact in the renewable energy sector is set to soar to new heights.



9. Which organization has partnered with ISRO for the "Space on Wheels" exhibition?

A.   Indian Institute of Science (IISc)

B.   National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

C.   Vijnana Bharati (VIBHA)

D.   Atal Innovation Mission (AIM)

Answer: Option C


The "Space on Wheels" exhibition, a collaborative effort between ISRO and Vijnana Bharati, holds the promise of a brighter future for scientific education and awareness in India. By bringing the captivating world of space exploration to remote areas, this initiative sparks curiosity, inspires innovation, and cultivates a passion for scientific learning. Through such endeavors, we can envision a nation where every student, regardless of their location, has the chance to dream big and reach for the stars.


10. When is World Anaesthesia Day celebrated?

A.   October 15

B.   October 16

C.   October 17

D.   October 18

Answer: Option B


World Anaesthesia Day is a time to reflect on the immense impact of Morton's discovery and the subsequent advancements in anaesthesia. It stands as a testament to human ingenuity, dedication, and the pursuit of improving medical care. As we celebrate this day, let us acknowledge the tireless efforts of anaesthesiologists and express gratitude for their invaluable contributions to the world of medicine.



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