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October 26, 2023 Current Affairs

1. Which Indian state has received approval for the Jamrani Dam Multipurpose Project, with the Indian government allocating Rs 1,557 crore for its completion?

A.   Himachal Pradesh

B.   Uttarakhand

C.   Haryana

D.   Rajasthan

Answer: Option B


The approval of the Jamrani Dam Multipurpose Project in Uttarakhand marks a significant milestone in the state's development journey. With its focus on addressing water scarcity, enhancing agricultural productivity, and promoting clean energy generation, this project holds immense promise for the socio-economic progress of Uttarakhand. As the government allocates Rs 1,557 crore towards its completion, it is evident that the Jamrani Dam project will pave the way for a brighter and more sustainable future for the state.



2. India has partially resumed visa services for citizens of which country, following a suspension related to strained relations?

A.   Palestine

B.   Ukraine

C.   Canada

D.   Afghanistan

Answer: Option C


India's decision to partially resume visa services for Canadians is a significant development that indicates a positive shift in the bilateral relations. While challenges remain, this step serves as a bridge towards rebuilding trust, promoting people-to-people connections, and unlocking opportunities for collaboration. It is hoped that this decision will pave the way for a stronger and more fruitful relationship between India and Canada in the days to come.



3. The Election Commission of India (EC) is set to appoint which actor as its 'National Icon' to inspire voters for the upcoming elections?

A.   Shah Rukh Khan

B.   Amitabh Bachchan

C.   Aamir Khan

D.   Rajkummar Rao

Answer: Option D


The Election Commission of India's decision to appoint Rajkummar Rao as its 'National Icon' is a commendable move. With his exceptional talent, inspiring filmography, and ability to connect with the youth, Rao is the perfect choice to motivate voters for the upcoming elections. As citizens, let us embrace this initiative and recognize the significance of our votes in shaping the future of our nation. Together, with Rajkummar Rao's guidance, let us exercise our democratic right and contribute to a stronger and brighter India.



4. On which date is World Polio Day celebrated every year to raise awareness about the importance of polio vaccination and to commemorate India's 12 polio-free years?

A.   October 24

B.   October 26

C.   October 27

D.   October 25

Answer: Option A


World Polio Day, observed on October 24th, is a pivotal moment to raise awareness about polio vaccination and celebrate India's impressive achievement of 12 polio-free years. It reminds us of the ongoing global efforts to eradicate this disease and the importance of vaccination in protecting future generations. By continuing to support these initiatives, we can strive towards a world free from the threat of polio.



5. Who was removed from the position of China's Defense Minister in October 2023?

A.   Wei Fenghe

B.   Zhang Youxia

C.   Li Shangfu

D.   Xu Qiliang

Answer: Option C


The sudden removal of Li Shangfu as China's Defense Minister in October 2023 left many questions unanswered. The broader context of unexplained personnel changes, the concentration of power, and the emergence of rumors all contribute to the intrigue surrounding this event. As observers continue to analyze and speculate, only time will reveal the true reasons behind Li Shangfu's removal and its implications for China's political landscape.



6. Which Indian state is planning to set up a ₹237 crore graphene production facility?

A.   Kerala

B.   Tamil Nadu

C.   Karnataka

D.   Andhra Pradesh

Answer: Option A


Kerala's plan to set up a ₹237 crore graphene production facility marks a significant milestone in material technology. With its vision for technological advancement, strategic location advantage, collaborations, and job creation potential, the state is poised to become a major player in the graphene industry. As Kerala takes this bold step towards the future, the world eagerly awaits the transformative impact of this groundbreaking project.



7. Who has been appointed as a member of the Strategic and Technical Advisory Group (STAG) for Tuberculosis by the World Health Organization (WHO)?

A.   Rajesh Sharma

B.   Anjali Mehta

C.   Sarang Deo

D.   Priya Patel

Answer: Option C


The appointment of Professor Sarang Deo to the Strategic and Technical Advisory Group (STAG) for Tuberculosis by the World Health Organization is a well-deserved recognition of his remarkable contributions to tuberculosis management. His expertise and experience will undoubtedly strengthen global efforts in combating this deadly disease. Professor Deo's appointment serves as an inspiration to all those working tirelessly to improve healthcare systems and make a positive impact on public health.



8. Who broke the world record in the javelin throw in the F64 category at the 2023 Asian Para Games?

A.   Devendra Jhajharia

B.   Sundar Singh Gurjar

C.   Praveen Kumar

D.   Sumit Antil

Answer: Option D


Sumit Antil's exceptional performance at the 2023 Asian Para Games not only shattered previous records but also solidified his status as a true legend in the world of para athletics. His journey from adversity to triumph serves as a testament to the indomitable human spirit. Sumit Antil has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the sport, inspiring generations to come. We eagerly await his future endeavors, as he continues to raise the bar and redefine what is possible in the realm of para athletics.



9. Which Indian Institute of Technology has partnered with Airbus to promote aerospace education and innovation in India?

A.   IIT Bombay

B.   IIT Delhi

C.   IIT Madras

D.   IIT Kanpur

Answer: Option D


The partnership between Airbus and IIT Kanpur marks a significant step towards promoting aerospace education and fostering innovation in India. Through research collaborations, curriculum enhancements, and skill development programs, this collaboration aims to create a robust talent pool in the aerospace sector. The joint efforts of academia and industry will undoubtedly contribute to the growth and advancement of India's aerospace industry, positioning the nation as a key player on the global stage.



10. Which city hosted the Green Tourism Conclave in October 2023?

A.   Guwahati

B.   Shillong

C.   Imphal

D.   Bhubaneswar

Answer: Option B


The Green Tourism Conclave held in Shillong was a significant step forward in promoting sustainable tourism in India. By bringing together experts and stakeholders, the conclave highlighted the importance of responsible travel practices, particularly in the Northeastern region and Odisha. It served as a catalyst for fostering a mindset shift towards eco-conscious tourism, paving the way for a more sustainable and impactful travel industry.



11. Who was appointed as the head coach of the India women's national team in October 2023?

A.   Tushar Arothe

B.   Jon Lewis

C.   Amol Muzumdar

D.   Ramesh Powar

Answer: Option C


The appointment of Amol Muzumdar as the head coach of the India women's national team marks an exciting new chapter in Indian women's cricket. With his vast experience, strong leadership qualities, and a clear vision for success, Muzumdar is poised to make a positive impact on the team's performance. As fans eagerly await the team's future endeavors, it is clear that Indian women's cricket is in capable hands under the guidance of this esteemed coach.



12. Which union territory of India celebrates Accession Day on October 26?

A.   Jammu and Kashmir

B.   Ladakh

C.   Dadra and Nagar Haveli

D.   Daman and Diu

Answer: Option A


Accession Day holds a profound significance in the heart of Jammu and Kashmir. It symbolizes the unity and shared destiny of the region with the rest of India. As the union territory commemorates this historical event on October 26, it serves as a reminder of the resilient spirit and unwavering bond that unites the people of Jammu and Kashmir with the nation as a whole. Let us celebrate Accession Day, honoring the past and embracing the future with hope and unity.



13. Which country is building the world's largest neutrino-detecting telescope, "Trident"?

A.   China

B.   Japan

C.   United States

D.   Russia

Answer: Option A


China's ambitious project to build the world's largest neutrino-detecting telescope, "Trident," is a testament to its commitment to scientific advancement. As we eagerly await the completion of this revolutionary telescope, the scientific community anticipates a new era of discoveries that will reshape our understanding of neutrinos and their role in the universe.



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