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October 27, 2023 Current Affairs

1. Which organization conducted a maiden joint naval exercise with India in the Gulf of Guinea?

A.   European Union (EU)

B.   United Nations (UN)

C.   North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

D.   Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO)

Answer: Option A


The EU and India's maiden joint naval exercise in the Gulf of Guinea marks a significant milestone in their collaborative efforts to strengthen maritime security. This exercise not only showcased their commitment to addressing emerging challenges but also highlighted the mutual trust and cooperation between the EU and India. By joining forces, these two entities have set a positive example for other nations and demonstrated the importance of collective action in maintaining a secure and stable maritime environment.


2. Which telecom operator has partnered with Plume to provide in-home services enhanced by AI?

A.   Reliance Jio

B.   Airtel

C.   Vodafone Idea


Answer: Option A


The partnership between Reliance Jio and Plume marks a significant milestone in the evolution of in-home services. Through the integration of AI-powered technologies, Reliance Jio can now offer its customers a range of innovative, reliable, and secure services. From whole-home adaptive WiFi to advanced parental controls, this collaboration aims to transform the way customers experience in-home connectivity. With such groundbreaking initiatives, the future of in-home services looks promising, and Reliance Jio continues to lead the way.


3. Where was the 37th National Games inaugurated in 2023?

A.   Ahmedabad, Gujarat

B.   Bengaluru, Karnataka

C.   Panaji, Goa

D.   Hyderabad, Telangana

Answer: Option C


The 37th National Games held in Panaji, Goa, marked a historic moment for the state as it hosted this prestigious event for the first time. The grand inauguration by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the multitude of sports disciplines, and the participation of over 10,000 athletes made the event a resounding success. It not only showcased India's sporting talent but also celebrated the rich culture and heritage of Goa.


4. On what date is World Day for Audiovisual Heritage celebrated in 2023?

A.   26th October

B.   27th October

C.   28th October

D.   29th October

Answer: Option B


World Day for Audiovisual Heritage, celebrated on October 27th, serves as a reminder of the importance of preserving and accessing audiovisual heritage. The theme for 2023, "Your Window to the World," emphasizes the transformative power of these resources in broadening our horizons. Let us cherish and protect our audiovisual heritage, for it serves as a valuable link between our past, present, and future.


5. Which food delivery app introduced maternity insurance for women delivery partners?

A.   Swiggy

B.   DoorDash

C.   Zomato

D.   Foodpanda

Answer: Option C


Zomato's introduction of maternity insurance for its women delivery partners is a groundbreaking initiative that sets a new standard in the food delivery industry. By prioritizing the well-being and financial security of their female employees, Zomato showcases its commitment to inclusivity and employee support. This move not only benefits the women delivery partners directly but also serves as an inspiration for other companies to take similar steps towards empowering their workforce.


6. Which state government launched the 'iStart Talent Connect Portal'?

A.   Gujarat

B.   Rajasthan

C.   Madhya Pradesh

D.   Karnataka

Answer: Option B


The launch of the 'iStart Talent Connect Portal' marks a significant milestone in Rajasthan's journey towards building a robust startup ecosystem. With its focus on enhancing employment opportunities, attracting and retaining talent, and nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit, this innovative platform has the potential to drive economic growth, foster innovation, and position Rajasthan as a prominent player in the startup landscape. As the portal gains traction and facilitates meaningful connections, we can expect to witness a thriving startup ecosystem that propels the state towards a prosperous future.


7. The 43rd edition of PRAGATI, chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, involved a review of eight projects that are crucial for various states in India. What does PRAGATI stand for?

A.   Performance Review and Action Group for Infrastructure

B.   Public Grievance Redressal and Internal Security

C.   Project Review and Analysis for Growth and Investment

D.   Pro-Active Governance and Timely Implementation

Answer: Option D


PRAGATI, with its focus on Pro-Active Governance and Timely Implementation, has emerged as a game-changer in streamlining governance and expediting critical projects. By leveraging ICT and facilitating interdepartmental coordination, PRAGATI has significantly contributed to the timely completion of projects in various states across India. As the nation continues to prioritize efficient project implementation, PRAGATI will play a pivotal role in driving growth and development.


8. Which Bollywood actress has been appointed as the Global Brand Ambassador of Swiss watchmaker Rado?

A.   Katrina Kaif

B.   Deepika Padukone

C.   Alia Bhatt

D.   Kareena Kapoor Khan

Answer: Option A


the appointment of Katrina Kaif as the Global Brand Ambassador of Rado marks a significant milestone for both the actress and the prestigious Swiss watchmaker. Kaif's timeless beauty, elegance, and versatility perfectly align with Rado's commitment to innovation, precision, and craftsmanship. This collaboration is a testament to the brand's dedication to excellence and the actress's global appeal. Together, they will undoubtedly create a lasting impact and further elevate the brand's position in the world of luxury watches.


9. Who inaugurated the 7th Edition of the Indian Mobile Congress (IMC) in New Delhi in 2023?

A.   Amit Shah

B.   Rajnath Singh

C.   Piyush Goyal

D.   Narendra Modi

Answer: Option D


The 7th Edition of the Indian Mobile Congress was a resounding success, thanks to the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the unwavering dedication of all stakeholders involved. The event not only served as a platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration but also showcased India's determination to embrace digital innovation on a global scale. With the recognition of 5G Use Case Labs and the unveiling of cutting-edge technologies, the IMC 2023 left an indelible mark on the landscape of telecom, media, and technology. It reinforced India's position as a frontrunner in the digital revolution, setting the stage for a future filled with endless possibilities.


10. Which Indian para-athlete broke the world record in the men's javelin F46 event at the Asian Para Games 2023?

A.   Sumit Antil

B.   Sundar Singh Gurjar

C.   Devendra Jhajharia

D.   Praveen Kumar

Answer: Option B


Sundar Singh Gurjar's extraordinary triumph in the men's javelin F46 event at the Asian Para Games 2023 will forever be etched in the annals of sporting history. His record-breaking throw not only showcases his exceptional talent but also serves as a beacon of inspiration for para-athletes worldwide. Gurjar's accomplishment reminds us that with dedication, perseverance, and unwavering spirit, we can overcome any obstacle and achieve greatness.




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