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October 9, 2023 Current Affairs

1.Who won the 2023 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences?

A.   Claudia Goldin

B.   Paul Krugman

C.   Joshua Angrist

D.   Ben Bernanke

Answer: Option A


Claudia Goldin's exceptional research, dedication, and advocacy have not only advanced our understanding of women's labor market outcomes but also contributed to the broader goal of promoting gender equality. Her Nobel Prize win is a testament to her invaluable contributions to the field of economics and serves as a reminder of the importance of addressing gender disparities in all areas of society.


2. When is World Post Day celebrated?

A.   October 8th

B.   October 10th

C.   October 9th

D.   October 7th

Answer: Option C


World Post Day is a reminder of the enduring significance of postal services in our increasingly interconnected world. It recognizes the legacy of the Universal Postal Union and honors the dedicated postal workers who tirelessly ensure the delivery of mail worldwide. Let us celebrate and appreciate the power of traditional communication, which brings us closer together, even in the digital age.


3. Which country did India sign an MoU with for green hydrogen?

A.   Australia

B.   Saudi Arabia

C.   United States

D.   Canada

Answer: Option B


The MoU signed between India and Saudi Arabia for green hydrogen collaboration marks a significant step towards achieving sustainable and clean energy solutions. This partnership holds immense potential in accelerating the adoption of green hydrogen technologies, reducing carbon emissions, and driving economic growth. As India continues its journey towards a greener future, collaborations like these pave the way for global cooperation in combating climate change and ensuring a sustainable planet for future generations.


4. Who is the fastest batter to complete 1000 runs in ODI World Cup?

A.   Sachin Tendulkar

B.   AB de Villiers

C.   David Warner

D.   Sourav Ganguly

Answer: Option C


 David Warner's incredible achievement of becoming the fastest batter to reach 1000 runs in the ODI World Cup is a testament to his skill, determination, and sheer talent. His record-breaking innings will be etched in cricket history for years to come, inspiring future generations of batters to push the boundaries of what is possible on the field.


5. Which state in India has the longest coastline?

A.   Gujarat

B.   Tamil Nadu

C.   Andhra Pradesh

D.   Maharashtra

Answer: Option A


Gujarat emerges as the state with the longest coastline in India, covering an impressive 1,600 km along the Arabian Sea. Its historical significance, bustling ports, and natural wonders make Gujarat's coastal stretch a captivating destination for explorers. However, let us not forget the coastal treasures of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Maharashtra, each offering its own distinct flavor of beauty and intrigue. India's coastal states are a testament to the country's rich maritime heritage and diverse landscapes, beckoning travelers to embark on unforgettable journeys along their shores.


6. Which is the smallest continent in the world?

A.   Australia

B.   Asia

C.   Europe

D.   North America

Answer: Option A


Australia may be the smallest continent, but it is undoubtedly a land of immense wonders and endless exploration. From its awe-inspiring landscapes to its unique flora and fauna, rich cultural heritage, and vibrant cities, Australia captivates the hearts and minds of all who visit. So, whether you're planning an adventure through the Outback or diving into the vibrant depths of the Great Barrier Reef, Australia promises an unforgettable experience.


7. Which of the following services concluded 70 schemes under Emergency Procurements-4 (EP-4) worth nearly ₹11,000 crore?

A.   Indian Air Force

B.   Indian Navy

C.   Indian Army

D.   Indian Coast Guard

Answer: Option C


The Indian Army's Emergency Procurements-4 (EP-4) have been instrumental in bridging critical capability gaps, thereby strengthening the overall operational readiness of the force. Through the successful execution of 70 schemes, the Army has demonstrated its commitment to ensuring the safety and effectiveness of its soldiers on the battlefield. These strategic procurements have not only enhanced the combat capabilities of the Indian Army but have also showcased its adaptability to emerging challenges in the modern era.


8. Which country is the smallest in the world?

A.   Vatican City

B.   Monaco

C.   San Marino

D.   Liechtenstein

Answer: Option A


 Vatican City may be small in size, but it is undoubtedly grand in its offerings. From its awe-inspiring architecture to its rich cultural heritage, this tiny nation leaves a lasting impression on all who visit. Whether you are a devout pilgrim seeking spiritual solace or a history enthusiast hungry for knowledge, Vatican City never fails to deliver. So, the next time you think of size, remember that sometimes the most extraordinary things can be found within the smallest of spaces.


9. Who broke the marathon world record recently?

A.   Eliud Kipchoge

B.   Kenenisa Bekele

C.   Haile Gebrselassie

D.   Kelvin Kiptum

Answer: Option D


In the world of marathon running, Kelvin Kiptum's name will forever be etched as a symbol of excellence and determination. His record-breaking feat at the Chicago Marathon has left an indelible mark on the sport, inspiring athletes to dream big and strive for greatness. Kelvin Kiptum's journey is a testament to the human spirit's ability to break boundaries and achieve the unimaginable.


10. When is the first-ever National Current Good Manufacturing Practice Day (cGMP Day) set to be observed in India?

A.   13th October

B.   12th October

C.   11th October

D.   10th October

Answer: Option D


The inaugural National cGMP Day in India, scheduled to be observed on October 10th, is a momentous event that aims to create awareness about the critical role of cGMP guidelines in pharmaceutical manufacturing. By promoting education, collaboration, and adherence to these guidelines, India's pharmaceutical industry can further enhance its reputation as a global leader in producing safe, effective, and high-quality medications. Let us embrace National cGMP Day as a catalyst for positive change, inspiring a culture of excellence and continuous improvement in the Indian pharmaceutical sector.


11. When is Indian Foreign Service (IFS) Day celebrated?

A.   October 10th

B.   October 9th

C.   October 8th

D.   October 7th

Answer: Option B


Indian Foreign Service (IFS) Day, celebrated on October 9th, is a momentous occasion that pays tribute to the establishment of the Indian Cabinet's Foreign Service. It is a day to recognize the invaluable contributions of IFS officers in shaping India's foreign policy, promoting its interests abroad, and fostering diplomatic relations. Let us take a moment to acknowledge the dedication and tireless efforts of these diplomats who play a crucial role in representing India on the world stage. Happy IFS Day!




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