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September 10, 2023 Current Affairs

1. Which country settled its last outstanding trade dispute with India over poultry products at the World Trade Organization (WTO)?

A.    China

B.    US

C.    Brazil

D.    Russia

Answer: Option B


The resolution of the trade dispute between India and the US regarding poultry products marks a positive step towards strengthening bilateral trade relations. By settling the outstanding issue through negotiation, both nations have demonstrated their commitment to resolving disputes and promoting fair trade practices. The agreement offers new opportunities for the US poultry industry and opens doors for increased trade between India and the US. As both countries move forward, it is hoped that such settlements will pave the way for enhanced cooperation and economic growth.


2. On which date is World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD) observed annually?

A.    September 9

B.    September 10

C.    September 11

D.    September 12

Answer: Option B


World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD) on September 10th serves as a reminder that suicide is preventable, and we all play a crucial role in creating a more hopeful world. By raising awareness, taking action, and supporting those in need, we can make a difference. Let us come together on WSPD and throughout the year to promote mental health, challenge stigma, and save lives.



3. Which city received the heaviest rainfall in nearly 140 years, with 300 millimetres of rain in 24 hours, on September 8, 2023?

A.    Beijing

B.    Shanghai

C.    Hong Kong

D.    Macau

Answer: Option C


The rainfall in Hong Kong on September 8, 2023, will be etched in the city's history as a record-breaking event. With 300 millimeters of rain in just 24 hours, streets turned into rivers and lives were disrupted. The resilience and unity displayed by the people of Hong Kong, along with the prompt response from authorities, are testaments to the city's strength in the face of adversity. As the rainwater receded, the city began its journey towards recovery, determined to learn from this experience and build a more resilient future.



4. Which Indian state's cabinet recommended the withdrawal of the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act (AFSPA) on September 9, 2023?

A.    Manipur

B.    Mizoram

C.    Meghalaya

D.    Assam

Answer: Option D


The Assam cabinet's recommendation to withdraw AFSPA from the state marks a significant step towards peace and stability. While challenges and concerns exist, it presents an opportunity to reassess the approach to conflict resolution in the region. As Assam moves forward, striking a balance between security imperatives and upholding human rights will be essential. The final decision rests with the central government, and its implications will undoubtedly shape the path ahead for Assam and its people.


5. How many MoUs did India and Bangladesh sign after the bilateral meeting?

A.    2

B.    5

C.    3

D.    4

Answer: Option C


The bilateral meeting between India and Bangladesh resulted in the signing of three significant Memoranda of Understanding. These agreements pave the way for increased cooperation in the areas of digital payments, cultural exchange, and agricultural research and development. Such collaborations are essential in strengthening the bilateral ties and fostering mutual growth and progress between India and Bangladesh.


6. Which country has the highest dengue death rate in the world?

A.    Bangladesh

B.    India

C.    Indonesia

D.    Thailand

Answer: Option A


After examining the available data and considering the factors at play, it is clear that Bangladesh has the highest dengue death rate in the world. With over 1,000 deaths in 2023 alone, the country faces significant challenges in controlling the spread of dengue fever. However, it is essential to continue raising awareness, implementing effective prevention strategies, and supporting healthcare systems to combat this deadly disease.


7. Which country recently launched a new "tactical nuclear attack submarine"?

A.    China

B.    Russia

C.    North Korea

D.    South Korea

Answer: Option C


The launch of North Korea's Pukguksong-6 signifies a significant advancement in their naval capabilities, particularly in the realm of nuclear warfare. The submarine's stealth features, coupled with its ability to carry and launch nuclear missiles, raise concerns about regional and global security. The international community must remain vigilant, fostering diplomatic channels and cooperation to mitigate the potential risks associated with this development.


8. Which state government has approved pension and OBC status for the transgender community?

A.    Jharkhand

B.    West Bengal

C.    Bihar

D.    Uttar Pradesh

Answer: Option A


The Jharkhand government's approval of pension and OBC status for the transgender community is a commendable step towards promoting inclusivity and equality. By recognizing the rights and needs of transgender individuals, the government is paving the way for a more progressive society. This decision not only addresses immediate financial concerns but also provides opportunities for long-term socio-economic empowerment. It is hoped that other states will follow suit, creating a more inclusive and accepting environment for the transgender community.


9. Which Indian state's Chief Minister flagged off 181 mobile veterinary vehicles under the Mukhyamantri Bhramyaman Pranichikitsa Seva scheme on September 8, 2023?

A.    Karnataka

B.    Odisha

C.    Kerala

D.    Tamil Nadu

Answer: Option B


The launch of 181 mobile veterinary vehicles under the Mukhyamantri Bhramyaman Pranichikitsa Seva scheme by Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik marks a significant milestone in improving livestock healthcare in rural areas. By addressing the challenges of limited access to veterinary institutions, these vehicles ensure that even the most remote villages receive essential veterinary services. This initiative not only enhances animal health but also has a positive impact on rural livelihoods and economic growth. Such proactive measures showcase the commitment of the Odisha government towards uplifting rural communities and fostering sustainable development.


10. Which country introduced a self-sovereign national digital ID for all citizens powered by blockchain technology?

A.    India

B.    China

C.    Singapore

D.    Bhutan

Answer: Option D


Bhutan's DrukID represents a remarkable leap towards a more inclusive and efficient digital society. By embracing blockchain technology, Bhutan has set a precedent for other nations to follow, showcasing the immense potential of self-sovereign digital identity. With DrukID, Bhutanese citizens can now navigate through public services seamlessly, with privacy, security, and empowerment at the forefront. This bold initiative exemplifies Bhutan's commitment to leveraging technology for the betterment of its citizens and serves as an inspiring example for the rest of the world to embrace digital transformation.


11. Which organization was granted permanent membership in the G20 under India's presidency?



C.    African Union

D.    OECD

Answer: Option C


Granting permanent membership to the African Union in the G20 marks a significant milestone in promoting inclusivity and diversity within this crucial global forum. This decision underlines the recognition of Africa's growing economic influence and the importance of involving all regions in shaping global economic policies. The African Union's voice and perspective will contribute to a more balanced and comprehensive approach to addressing global economic challenges.


12. Who launched the 'Mashaal' (torch) for the 37th National Games on September 9, 2023, in Goa?

A.    P.S. Sreedharan Pillai

B.     Narendra Modi

C.     Amit Shah

D.    Manohar Parrikar

Answer: Option A


The launch of the 'Mashaal' for the 37th National Games by Governor P.S. Sreedharan Pillai marked a significant milestone in the journey towards this prestigious sporting event. As the torch was ignited, it symbolized the spirit of unity, excellence, and the unwavering commitment of athletes across the nation. With the stage set, all eyes are now eagerly awaiting the commencement of the National Games, where athletes will compete with passion and determination, showcasing their skills and inspiring a new generation of sports enthusiasts.


13. Which state government has formed a committee to implement the Nand Baba Milk Mission?

A.    Bihar

B.    Uttar Pradesh

C.    Madhya Pradesh

D.    Rajasthan

Answer: Option B


The Uttar Pradesh government's Nand Baba Milk Mission marks a significant stride towards revolutionizing the state's dairy sector. With its well-defined objectives, strategic initiatives, and focus on collaboration, this mission holds the potential to boost milk production, stimulate economic growth, and uplift the lives of farmers. By capitalizing on its rich agricultural resources and leveraging modern practices, Uttar Pradesh aims to emerge as a dairy powerhouse in the coming years. Through the Nand Baba Milk Mission, the state is not only nourishing its people but also nurturing a brighter future for its dairy industry.




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