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September 13, 2023 Current Affairs

1. What was India's retail inflation rate in August 2023?

A.    5.22%

B.    6.83%

C.    7.44%

D.    8.12%

Answer: Option B


India's retail inflation rate for August 2023 stands at 6.83%, showing a decline from the previous month. However, it remains above the RBI's target of 4% for the fourth consecutive month. Understanding and monitoring inflation rates are vital for individuals, businesses, and policymakers to make informed financial decisions and formulate appropriate economic policies.



2. Who inaugurated the First Global Symposium on Farmers' Rights in New Delhi on September 12, 2023?

A.    Droupadi Murmu

B.    Narendra Modi

C.    Narendra Singh Tomar

D.    Mansukh Mandaviya

Answer: Option A


The inauguration of the First Global Symposium on Farmers' Rights by President Droupadi Murmu in New Delhi signifies a crucial step towards recognizing and safeguarding the rights of farmers worldwide. This symposium not only highlights the significance of farmers in preserving crop diversity but also emphasizes the need for collective action and support for sustainable agriculture. By coming together and championing farmers' rights, we can build a more resilient and equitable food system for generations to come.



3. Which company has partnered with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) to collaborate on the Living Heart Project?

A.    Microsoft

B.    IBM

C.    SAP

D.    Dassault Systèmes

Answer: Option D


The partnership between Tata Consultancy Services and Dassault Systèmes in the Living Heart Project represents a significant milestone in the pursuit of better cardiac healthcare. By harnessing the power of digital simulations, this collaboration has the potential to transform our understanding of the human heart and pave the way for groundbreaking advancements in the field. As we look to the future, the Living Heart Project stands as a beacon of hope, exemplifying the remarkable possibilities that arise when technology and medicine converge.



4. Who has been appointed as the Vice-Chairperson of The National Association of Software and Service Companies (Nasscom)?

A.    Salil Parekh

B.    Rajesh Gopinathan

C.    Sindhu Gangadharan

D.    Arvind Krishna

Answer: Option C


Sindhu Gangadharan's appointment as the Vice-Chairperson of Nasscom is a testament to her remarkable leadership skills and contributions to the software and service industry. Her achievements, coupled with being the first woman to lead SAP Labs India, exemplify the power of breaking barriers and setting new records. Gangadharan's appointment not only highlights her personal success but also represents a positive step towards greater diversity and inclusivity in the technology sector.



5. What is the total value of the 90 infrastructure projects inaugurated by Defense Minister Shri Rajnath Singh by the Border Roads Organisation?

A.    Rs 1,800 Crore

B.    Rs 2,300 Crore

C.    Rs 2,900 Crore

D.    Rs 3,500 Crore

Answer: Option C


The inauguration of 90 infrastructure projects by Defense Minister Shri Rajnath Singh signifies a significant milestone in India's infrastructure development. With a total value exceeding Rs 2,900 crore, these projects are set to enhance connectivity, boost economic growth, and strengthen national security. The government's commitment to infrastructure development is evident through these initiatives, laying the foundation for a prosperous and resilient nation.


6. Who was the noted Rudra veena exponent who passed away in New Delhi?

A.    Ustad Asad Ali Khan

B.    Ustad Ali Zaki Hader

C.    Pandit Jasraj

D.    Kumar Gandharva

Answer: Option B


Ustad Ali Zaki Hader's passing marks the end of an era in the realm of Rudra veena. His unparalleled talent, unwavering dedication, and commitment to preserving the Khandarbani style of the Jaipur Beenkar gharana will forever be remembered. As we bid farewell to this maestro, let us cherish his musical legacy and strive to keep the spirit of Rudra veena alive in our hearts and souls.



7. Which country was hardest hit by Storm Daniel?

A.    Libya

B.    Greece

C.    Turkey

D.    Egypt

Answer: Option A


In the wake of Storm Daniel's rampage, eastern Libya emerged as the country hardest hit by this catastrophic event. Lives were forever changed, and the road to recovery would be long and arduous. As we reflect on the immense toll of this natural disaster, let us stand united in supporting those affected and work towards building resilience in the face of future challenges.



8. Who has been reappointed as the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer (MD & CEO) of Tata Steel for a further period of five years, effective September 19, 2023?

A.    Ratan Tata

B.    Cyrus Mistry

C.    T V Narendran

D.    N. Chandrasekaran

Answer: Option C


 The reappointment of T V Narendran as the MD & CEO of Tata Steel marks a significant milestone in the company's journey. His exceptional leadership, strategic foresight, and commitment to sustainability have positioned Tata Steel as a powerhouse in the steel industry. As Narendran embarks on another five-year term, the future looks bright for Tata Steel, and we can expect further growth, innovation, and sustainable practices under his capable guidance.



9. In the 2023 U.S. News & World Report rankings, what was India's position among the best countries in the world?

A.    25th

B.    30th

C.    35th

D.    40th

Answer: Option B


India secured an impressive 30th position in the 2023 U.S. News & World Report rankings. This accomplishment marks a step forward from the previous year's ranking, demonstrating India's continuous growth and development. With its diverse culture, booming economy, and significant contributions to various sectors, India's rise in the rankings is well-deserved. As we eagerly await the next edition of the rankings, it will be intriguing to see how India further strengthens its global standing.



10. In partnership with which Indian fintech startup has NPCI introduced the contactless payment wearable ring called the 'OTG Ring'?

A.    PayZing

B.    QuickPay India

C.    RingPay Innovations

D.    LivQuik

Answer: Option D


the introduction of the 'OTG Ring' by NPCI in partnership with LivQuik marks a significant milestone in the world of contactless payments. This wearable device offers convenience, security, and style, making it a game-changer for users seeking a seamless payment experience. As technology continues to shape the way we conduct transactions, innovations like the 'OTG Ring' demonstrate India's commitment to embracing digital advancements and revolutionizing the financial landscape.



11. What is the name of the border that separates India and Pakistan?

A.    Durand Line

B.    McMahon Line

C.    Line of Control

D.    Radcliffe Line

Answer: Option D


 The Radcliffe Line stands as a symbol of the partition of India and the birth of two nations - India and Pakistan. Its creation was a complex and imperfect process, resulting in long-lasting consequences and ongoing disputes. Understanding the historical significance and impact of this border helps shed light on the complex relationship between India and Pakistan. As the Radcliffe Line continues to shape the lives and futures of millions, it serves as a reminder of the struggles and challenges faced during the partition era.




12. Who is considered the father of economics?

A.    David Ricardo

B.    John Maynard Keynes

C.    Thomas Malthus

D.    Adam Smith

Answer: Option D


In the realm of economics, Adam Smith's contributions are unparalleled. His seminal work, "The Wealth of Nations," solidified his position as the father of economics, paving the way for generations of economists to come. Smith's ideas continue to shape our understanding of markets, trade, and the complexities of economic systems. It is through his visionary thinking that we have gained invaluable insights into the wealth of nations and the intricate dance of supply and demand.



13. According to the 2023 Best Countries Report by U.S. News & World Report, which country was ranked the best in the world?

A.    Switzerland

B.    Canada

C.    Sweden

D.    Denmark

Answer: Option A


Switzerland's top ranking in the 2023 Best Countries Report showcases its exceptional prowess across various aspects of national development. From its political stability and economic strength to its quality of life and focus on entrepreneurship, Switzerland exemplifies the attributes of a truly outstanding country. As the world continues to evolve, these rankings serve as a reminder of the diverse and remarkable nations that contribute to our global tapestry.



14. Which state won the 5th National Wheelchair Rugby Championship 2023?

A.    Karnataka

B.    Maharashtra

C.    Delhi

D.    Uttar Pradesh

Answer: Option B


The 5th National Wheelchair Rugby Championship 2023 will be remembered as a spectacular event that brought together athletes from across the nation. Maharashtra's victory in the final match against Karnataka highlights their exceptional talent and unwavering commitment. This championship serves as a testament to the spirit of wheelchair rugby, a sport that transcends boundaries and showcases the indomitable human spirit. Congratulations to Maharashtra for their well-deserved triumph in this exhilarating tournament!



15. Which company has partnered with NPCI to introduce 'AutoPay on QR' for subscription-based businesses?

A.    Razorpay

B.    Paytm

C.    Cashfree Payments

D.    Stripe

Answer: Option C


Cashfree Payments' partnership with NPCI to introduce 'AutoPay on QR' marks a significant milestone in simplifying the customer onboarding process for subscription-based businesses. By leveraging QR codes and innovative payment mechanisms, this collaboration paves the way for enhanced efficiency, convenience, and security. With 'AutoPay on QR,' businesses can streamline their operations, while customers can enjoy seamless subscription experiences. This partnership sets the stage for a future where hassle-free payments and subscriptions become the norm, benefitting both businesses and customers alike.



16. Which company has developed its own branded Laptop and Micro PC called 'SMAASH,' competing with international brands like Acer, HP, Dell, and Lenovo?

A.    Microsoft

B.    IBM

C.    ITI Limited

D.    Intel

Answer: Option C


 ITI Limited has made a bold move by developing their own branded Laptop and Micro PC line called SMAASH. This venture has proven to be a success, with SMAASH products competing effectively against international brands like Acer, HP, Dell, and Lenovo. ITI Limited's commitment to quality and innovation has propelled them into the spotlight, and SMAASH is undoubtedly a rising star in the technology market.



17. Who has received a four-year ban from professional tennis for a violation of the sport's anti-doping program?

A.    Simona Halep

B.    Serena Williams

C.    Maria Sharapova

D.    Naomi Osaka

Answer: Option A


Simona Halep's four-year ban from professional tennis serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of upholding the sport's anti-doping program. It highlights the dedication required to maintain fairness and integrity within the realm of professional tennis. As fans and spectators, we are left to reflect on the consequences of violating anti-doping regulations and the impact it can have on even the most esteemed athletes.



18. Which city is the new host city for the 62nd Subroto Cup International Football Tournament?

A.    Delhi

B.    Gurugram

C.    Mumbai

D.    Bengaluru

Answer: Option D


The 62nd Subroto Cup International Football Tournament has added Bengaluru as a host city, expanding its reach and providing an opportunity for football enthusiasts in the city to be part of this prestigious event. Bengaluru's rich football legacy and the tournament's schedule from September 19 to October 23, 2023, make it an exciting time for football fans in Bengaluru, Delhi, and Gurugram. Get ready to cheer for your favorite teams and witness the future stars of Indian football in action!



19. Which country did Bangladesh recently sign a deal to purchase 10 Airbus A350 aircraft worth $3.2 billion from?

A.    France

B.    Germany

C.    United States

D.    United Kingdom

Answer: Option A


Bangladesh's recent deal with France to purchase 10 Airbus A350 aircraft marks a significant milestone in the country's aviation journey. This agreement not only reflects Bangladesh's commitment to embracing advanced aviation technology but also strengthens its economic and diplomatic ties with France. With the introduction of these state-of-the-art aircraft, Bangladesh's aviation sector is poised for growth, and travelers can anticipate a more efficient and comfortable flying experience. This deal sets the stage for a promising future for Bangladesh's airline industry and opens doors to new opportunities on the global aviation landscape.



20. What additional GST has Union Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari proposed on diesel cars in a bid to discourage pollution-creating vehicles?

A.    5%

B.    10%

C.    15%

D.    20%

Answer: Option B


Union Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari's proposal for an additional 10% GST on diesel cars marks a significant step towards promoting sustainable transportation in India. By discouraging the use of pollution-creating vehicles and encouraging the adoption of electric alternatives, this proposal has the potential to mitigate air pollution, improve public health, and contribute to India's climate goals. As the government explores various strategies to tackle pollution, it is crucial for all stakeholders to support and contribute to the transition towards a cleaner and greener transportation system.


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