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September 28, 2023 Current Affairs

1. What is India's rank in the Global Innovation Index 2023?

A.    45th

B.    46th

C.    41st

D.    40th

Answer: Option D


India's rank of 40th in the Global Innovation Index 2023 is a testament to the nation's unwavering commitment to fostering innovation. With sustained efforts in research and development, intellectual property rights protection, and collaborative initiatives, India is poised to further enhance its innovation ecosystem and climb higher in the global rankings. As India continues to harness its creative potential and cultivate a culture of innovation, the future looks promising for the country's innovation landscape.



2. Who is often referred to as the 'Father of India's Green Revolution' and recently passed away at the age of 98?

A.    M.S. Swaminathan

B.    Subramaniam

C.    Norman Borlaug

D.    Verghese Kurien

Answer: Option A


In the wake of M.S. Swaminathan's recent passing, it is important to reflect on his immense contributions to India's agricultural sector. Through his pioneering research, he revolutionized farming practices, improving food security and transforming the nation's fortunes. Swaminathan's legacy as the 'Father of India's Green Revolution' will forever be remembered and celebrated, inspiring future generations to continue his quest for sustainable and innovative agricultural practices.



3. Which NASA rover set the record for the longest Martian navigation without human assistance?

A.    Curiosity

B.    Perseverance

C.    Opportunity

D.    Spirit

Answer: Option B


In the vast expanse of the Martian landscape, rovers have etched their mark, pushing the boundaries of exploration. While Curiosity, Spirit, and Opportunity have all contributed immensely to our understanding of Mars, it is Perseverance that currently holds the record for the longest Martian navigation without human assistance. As we eagerly await the discoveries and milestones yet to come, Perseverance represents the relentless spirit of exploration that defines humanity's quest to unravel the mysteries of our neighboring planet.



4. Which country is facing delays in receiving the second tranche of its $2.9 billion IMF bailout package due to unresolved issues with external debt restructuring?

A.    Nepal

B.    Sri Lanka

C.    Pakistan

D.    Bangladesh

Answer: Option B


The delays in receiving the second tranche of Sri Lanka's IMF bailout package due to unresolved external debt restructuring issues present a formidable challenge for the country. As Sri Lanka strives to overcome its economic hurdles, it is imperative for stakeholders to collaborate, seeking effective solutions that pave the way for sustainable growth and financial stability.



5. When is World Heart Day celebrated?

A.    September 28th

B.    September 30th

C.    October 1st

D.    September 29th

Answer: Option D


World Heart Day, celebrated on September 29th every year, brings attention to the global epidemic of cardiovascular diseases. By raising awareness, promoting heart-healthy lifestyles, and spreading knowledge, this observance plays a crucial role in combatting CVDs and saving lives. Let us join hands, support the cause, and work towards a future where heart health is prioritized, and the impact of cardiovascular diseases is minimized.


6. Which state government signed an MoU with the Poma Group, a French ropeway construction company, for the construction of ropeways to boost eco-friendly tourism?

A.    Uttar Pradesh

B.    Himachal Pradesh

C.    Uttarakhand

D.    Assam

Answer: Option C


World Heart Day serves as a powerful reminder that taking care of our hearts is crucial for our overall well-being. By raising awareness, promoting preventive measures, and advocating for accessible healthcare, we can collectively work towards reducing the burden of cardiovascular diseases. Let us embrace this annual observance, not just on September 29th, but throughout the year, as we strive for healthier hearts and lives.



7. Which city has the highest green-certified office space in India?

A.    Mumbai

B.    Delhi

C.    Bengaluru

D.    Hyderabad

Answer: Option C


In the race for green-certified office spaces, Bengaluru emerges as the clear winner. The city's progressive mindset, coupled with a robust commitment to sustainability, has propelled it to the forefront of green initiatives in India. With a remarkable 36% increase in green office spaces since 2019, Bengaluru sets a shining example for other cities to follow. As we move towards a greener future, it is essential for businesses and individuals alike to embrace sustainable practices and contribute to the creation of a healthier and more environmentally conscious world.



8. Which country won the gold medal in the Men's 10m Air Pistol Team event at the Asian Games 2023?

A.    India

B.    China

C.    Japan

D.    South Korea

Answer: Option A


India's incredible victory in the Men's 10m Air Pistol Team event at the Asian Games 2023 showcases the nation's remarkable talent in the field of shooting. Sarabjot Singh, Shiva Narwal, and Arjun Singh Cheema's exceptional performances propelled India to the top of the podium. This win not only highlights the skill and dedication of the Indian team but also serves as an inspiration to aspiring marksmen worldwide.



9. What is India's rank in the 2023 World Talent Ranking?

A.    52nd

B.    56th

C.    58th

D.    60th

Answer: Option B


The 2023 World Talent Ranking revealed India's position as 56th out of 64 economies. While the slip in rank may raise concerns, it also serves as a reminder of the need for continuous efforts to enhance talent competitiveness. By addressing the identified factors and investing in talent development, India can aim for a higher position in future rankings, unlocking its true potential on the global stage.



10. Which company manufactured the Dornier Do-228 aircraft inducted into the Indian Air Force?

A.    Hindustan Aeronautics Limited

B.    Dornier GmbH

C.    General Atomics AeroTec Systems

D.    Airbus

Answer: Option A


the Dornier Do-228 aircraft inducted into the Indian Air Force was manufactured by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL). As a leader in the aerospace industry, HAL's expertise and dedication have resulted in the creation of this remarkable aircraft. With HAL's manufacturing prowess and the Dornier Do-228's capabilities, the Indian Air Force has a reliable asset that contributes significantly to its mission success.



11. Who has secured a place in the India Book of Records for his ‘Jhaadu Daan’ (broom donation) initiative?

A.    Narendra Modi

B.    M V Naidu

C.    Manoj Kumar

D.    SP Singh

Answer: Option D


SP Singh's 'Jhaadu Daan' initiative is a shining example of how an individual's determination and passion can make a lasting impact on society. By securing a place in the India Book of Records, Singh has not only received recognition for his efforts but has also inspired others to take similar initiatives. Let us all applaud his remarkable achievement and strive to contribute towards a cleaner and healthier India.



12. Which company developed the Earthquake Alerts System for Android smartphone users in India?

A.    Google

B.    Airtel

C.    Meta

D.    Apple

Answer: Option A


With the launch of Google's Earthquake Alerts System for Android smartphone users in India, a new era of earthquake preparedness has dawned. By leveraging advanced technology and collaborating with key authorities in disaster management, Google has created a powerful tool to enhance public safety. By harnessing the potential of smartphones, this system has the potential to save lives and minimize the impact of seismic events. As seismic activity continues to pose a threat, this initiative sets a remarkable precedent for leveraging technology in disaster management.



13. When is the International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste celebrated?

A.    September 30th

B.    October 1st

C.    September 29th

D.    September 28th

Answer: Option C


The International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste serves as a reminder of the urgent need to address this global issue. By celebrating this day and taking action to reduce food loss and waste, we can create a more sustainable future. Let us all commit to making a difference, one meal at a time.


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