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September 5, 2023 Current Affairs

1. Which research institute has developed a novel device called 'CODE' (Cold-plasma Detergent in Environment) to improve indoor air quality?

A.    IIT Jodhpur

B.    IIT Delhi

C.    IIT Bombay

D.    IIT Madras

Answer: Option A


The CODE device developed by IIT Jodhpur represents a significant milestone in the quest for better indoor air quality. With its unique cold-plasma technology, CODE offers unparalleled benefits, from deactivating pathogens to capturing dust and eliminating odors. The potential impact of CODE on our living spaces is immense, promising a future where clean and healthy air is accessible to all. It is indeed an extraordinary innovation that deserves recognition and adoption on a global scale.



2. The combined Asset Under Management (AUM) of NPS and APY has crossed which milestone?

A.    5 Lakh Crore

B.    7.5 Lakh Crore

C.    10 Lakh Crore

D.    12.5 Lakh Crore

Answer: Option C


The crossing of the 10 Lakh Crore AUM milestone by the National Pension System (NPS) and Atal Pension Yojana (APY) is a testament to the success and growing acceptance of these pension schemes. As more individuals recognize the importance of securing their financial future, NPS and APY serve as reliable vehicles for long-term retirement planning. With their flexible features, attractive returns, and government support, NPS and APY continue to pave the way towards a financially secure retirement for millions of individuals across the country.



3. Which country has announced that it will provide 191 million euros in development assistance to Bangladesh?

A.    India

B.    China

C.    Germany

D.    France

Answer: Option C


Germany's announcement of providing 191 million euros in development assistance to Bangladesh marks a significant milestone in the bilateral relations between the two countries. Through its focus on green energy, sustainable urban development, responsible supply chains, biodiversity conservation, and women empowerment, Germany aims to contribute to Bangladesh's journey towards sustainable progress. This commitment serves as a testament to the potential impact of international cooperation in addressing global challenges and fostering inclusive growth.



4. Who presented the National Teachers' Award on Teachers' Day 2023?

A.    Droupadi Murmu

B.    Narendra Modi

C.    Amit Shah

D.    Rajnath Singh

Answer: Option A


The National Teachers' Award ceremony on Teachers' Day 2023 was a resounding success, honoring the excellence and dedication of educators across India. President Droupadi Murmu's presence and the recognition bestowed upon the awardees highlighted the crucial role teachers play in shaping the future of the nation. This event served as a reminder of the profound impact teachers have on countless lives and the need to continue supporting and appreciating their invaluable contributions.



5. Where is the 43rd ASEAN Summit being held?

A.    Phnom Penh

B.    Jakarta

C.    Labuan Bajo

D.    Manila

Answer: Option B


The 43rd ASEAN Summit will be held in the captivating city of Jakarta, Indonesia. As leaders gather at the Jakarta Convention Center, they will engage in meaningful discussions and collaborations to address regional challenges and foster growth. Beyond the summit, visitors can immerse themselves in Jakarta's cultural wonders, making it an ideal destination for both diplomacy and exploration.



6. Who emerged as the winner of the 2023 Tata Steel Chess India Women's Rapid Tournament?

A.    Divya Deshmukh

B.    Koneru Humpy

C.    Harika Dronavalli

D.    Tania Sachdev

Answer: Option A


Divya Deshmukh's victory in the 2023 Tata Steel Chess India Women's Rapid Tournament is a testament to her exceptional talent, determination, and unwavering focus. Her remarkable journey reminds us of the power of passion, hard work, and dedication in achieving our goals. As she continues to shine on the global chess stage, we eagerly await the next chapter in her extraordinary chess career. Congratulations to Divya Deshmukh on this well-deserved triumph!



7. Which company has partnered with the Indian government for the "Education to Entrepreneurship" program?

A.    Google

B.    Meta

C.    Amazon

D.    Khan Academy

Answer: Option B


The partnership between Meta and the Indian government for the "Education to Entrepreneurship" program marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of empowering individuals with digital marketing skills. By bridging the gap between education and entrepreneurship, this initiative has the potential to transform lives and fuel economic growth. As the program progresses, we eagerly anticipate the success stories that will emerge from this collaboration, as India's aspiring and established entrepreneurs seize the opportunities presented to them. Exciting times lie ahead for the Indian entrepreneurial landscape, thanks to Meta's visionary partnership with the government.



8. What is Morgan Stanley's GDP growth forecast for India for fiscal year 2024?

A.    6.2%

B.    6.3%

C.    6.4%

D.    6.5%

Answer: Option C


Morgan Stanley's GDP growth forecast for India in fiscal year 2024 stands at an encouraging 6.4%. This upward revision highlights the strength of India's domestic demand and the potential for accelerated economic growth. As the nation continues its journey towards becoming a global economic powerhouse, it is crucial to navigate potential challenges and seize opportunities that lie ahead. Only time will reveal the true outcome, but for now, India's economic future appears promising.



9. Which country will Danielle McGahey, the first transgender woman player to play in international cricket, represent in international cricket?

A.    Australia

B.    England

C.    India

D.    Canada

Answer: Option D


Danielle McGahey's journey as the first transgender woman player in international cricket represents a powerful moment in sports history. Her inclusion in Canada's squad for the Women's T20 Americas Qualifier demonstrates the progressive stance of cricketing authorities towards embracing diversity. McGahey's achievements pave the way for future generations of transgender athletes and inspire a more inclusive sporting landscape.



10. Who was invited to the Nobel Award ceremony in Stockholm but the invitation was later withdrawn?

A.    The Ukrainian Ambassador

B.    The Swedish Ambassador

C.    The Russian Ambassador

D.    The Belarusian Ambassador

Answer: Option C


The Russian Ambassador was initially invited to the Nobel Award ceremony in Stockholm, but the invitation was later withdrawn due to the controversy surrounding their presence. The decision to rescind the invitation highlights the delicate balance between recognizing individuals for their achievements and considering the political implications of their attendance. This incident serves as a reminder of the impact that global conflicts can have on prestigious events, even those intended to celebrate excellence.



11. Why did Karnam Sekar resign from his position as Chairman of the National Asset Reconstruction Company of India (NARCL)?

A.    The proposal to merge NARCL with India Debt Resolution Company Ltd (IDRCL).

B.    Differences in opinion with the Ministry of Finance.

C.    Disagreements concerning the institution’s structure and operations.

D.    A new job opportunity in the private sector.

Answer: Option C


The resignation of Karnam Sekar as Chairman of NARCL appears to be primarily driven by disagreements concerning the institution's structure and operations. While the proposal for merging NARCL with IDRCL and differences in opinion with the Ministry of Finance might have played a role, it is the fundamental disagreements surrounding NARCL's functioning that seem to be the core reason behind Sekar's departure. Only time will reveal the true motivations behind this resignation and its long-term implications for NARCL.



12. What is the record-high bank credit outstanding to real estate in India in July 2023?

A.    Rs 32 trillion

B.    Rs 22 trillion

C.    Rs 35 trillion

D.    Rs 28 trillion

Answer: Option  D


The bank credit outstanding to real estate in India reached a staggering Rs 28 trillion in July 2023, marking a significant milestone for the industry. This achievement is a testament to the growing demand for housing and commercial spaces, as well as the favorable policies and initiatives that support the real estate sector. While it brings immense opportunities, it also calls for careful management and oversight to mitigate risks. The record-high bank credit outstanding serves as a strong indicator of the real estate industry's vital role and its potential for continued growth in the future.



13. Who has been roped in as the national brand ambassador of Saatvik Solar?

A.    Virat Kohli

B.    Ravindra Jadeja

C.    MS Dhoni

D.    Rohit Sharma

Answer: Option B


 The appointment of Ravindra Jadeja as the national brand ambassador of Saatvik Solar marks a significant milestone in the renewable energy sector. This collaboration not only strengthens Saatvik Solar's position as a leader in the industry but also amplifies the message of sustainability to a wider audience. With Ravindra Jadeja's influential presence and unwavering dedication, this partnership is poised to drive positive change and ignite a greener revolution in India.



14. What is the primary objective of the Mukhya Mantri Sporting Abilities, Rebuilding Aspirations and Livelihood Scheme (SABAL) launched by Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Sukhu?

A.    Providing financial assistance to underprivileged families

B.    Empowering specially-abled children

C.    Promoting sports among the youth

D.    Enhancing educational facilities in Hamirpur, Solan, and Shimla districts

Answer: Option B


The Mukhya Mantri SABAL Scheme launched by Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Sukhu is a visionary initiative that aims to empower specially-abled children in the state. Through specialized care in educational institutions, skill development programs, and awareness campaigns, the scheme seeks to break barriers and create an inclusive society. By investing in the potential of these children, the SABAL scheme not only rebuilds their aspirations but also strengthens the foundation of a brighter future for Himachal Pradesh.




15. Who has been appointed as the new Chairperson of Nasscom?

A.    Anant Maheshwari

B.    Rajesh Nambiar

C.    Debjani Ghosh

D.    Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

Answer: Option B


Rajesh Nambiar's appointment as the new Chairperson of Nasscom brings a fresh perspective and renewed vigor to the organization. With his extensive experience and visionary leadership, Nambiar is well-equipped to navigate the challenges and opportunities in the ever-changing IT landscape. His appointment instills confidence in the industry and sets the stage for Nasscom's continued success in driving India's IT sector forward.



16. Who took charge as the Additional Director General of Military Nursing Service (MNS) on 01 Sep 2023?

A.    Maj Gen Ramesh Chand

B.    Maj Gen Amita Rani

C.    Maj Gen DPM Chhibber

D.    Maj Gen Ignatius Delos Flora

Answer: Option D


Maj Gen Ignatius Delos Flora's appointment as the Additional Director General of Military Nursing Service marks a significant milestone in her illustrious career. Her extensive experience, dedication to her profession, and visionary leadership make her well-suited for this esteemed position. Under her guidance, the Military Nursing Service is poised to achieve greater heights and continue providing exceptional healthcare services to the armed forces community.



17. Which company has signed a MoU with Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) for Short Range Air Defence Systems?

A.    Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)

B.    DRDO

C.    Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL)

D.    Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI)

Answer: Option D


The signing of the MoU between Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) marks a significant milestone in India's quest for advanced Short Range Air Defence Systems. This collaboration holds the promise of indigenous development, technological advancements, and strengthened defense capabilities. As India continues to prioritize its defense preparedness, partnerships like these play a vital role in achieving self-sufficiency and staying ahead of emerging threats. The BEL-IAI partnership is undoubtedly a step in the right direction.



18. Who has been honoured with the Dr V G Patel Memorial Award 2023 for Entrepreneurship Trainer, Educator and Mentor?

A.    Satyajit Majumdar

B.    Arnab Dutta

C.    Saptarishi Majumdar

D.    Kaustav Mukherjee

Answer: Option A


Satyajit Majumdar's receipt of the Dr. V G Patel Memorial Award 2023 is a testament to his unwavering commitment to entrepreneurship training, education, and mentoring. Through his visionary leadership and impactful initiatives, he has played a significant role in shaping the entrepreneurial landscape of India. The award honors his outstanding contributions and serves as a reminder of the transformative power of entrepreneurship in driving progress and innovation.



19. Who was awarded the 'Diabetologist of the Year (National Winner)-2023' for his exceptional medical service and dedication to improving the lives of people with diabetes?

A.    Dr Harsh Vardhan

B.    Dr Alok Misra

C.    Dr Navneet Agrawal

D.    Dr Randeep Guleria

Answer: Option C


In a world where the prevalence of diabetes continues to rise, exceptional individuals like Dr. Navneet Agrawal shine bright, bringing hope and transforming lives. Through his Diabetes Care Program and exceptional medical service, Dr. Agrawal has left an indelible mark on the lives of people with diabetes. His recognition as the 'Diabetologist of the Year (National Winner)-2023' is a reflection of his exceptional contributions and unwavering dedication to improving the lives of individuals with diabetes.



20. Which company has developed India's first AI-powered anti-drone system?

A.    Grene Robotics

B.    DRDO

C.    HAL

D.    Bharat Electronics Limited

Answer: Option A


Grene Robotics has propelled India into the forefront of anti-drone technology with their groundbreaking creation, Indrajaal. By seamlessly integrating AI capabilities and advanced sensing mechanisms, they have developed a sophisticated system that promises to safeguard our skies. As the drone industry continues to evolve, Grene Robotics remains committed to innovation, security, and shaping a future where unmanned aerial vehicles can thrive safely alongside us.



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