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GET - GITAM School of International Business Entrance Test for MBA

GITAM School of International Business (GSIB) conducts an entrance test for admission into its Master of Business Administration (MBA) program. The entrance test, known as the GSIB Entrance Test, is a crucial step in the admission process and serves as a screening mechanism to select candidates for the MBA program.

The GSIB Entrance Test is designed to evaluate the aptitude, analytical skills, and business acumen of the candidates. It assesses their knowledge in areas such as quantitative aptitude, logical reasoning, data interpretation, verbal ability, and general awareness. The test aims to ensure that the selected candidates have the necessary skills and competencies required to excel in the MBA program offered by GSIB.

The GSIB Entrance Test follows a standardized format and is conducted in multiple cities across India. The test duration is typically two hours, during which the candidates need to answer a set of multiple-choice questions. The questions are designed to test the candidates' understanding of various business concepts and their ability to apply them in real-life scenarios.

To be eligible to appear for the GSIB Entrance Test, candidates must have a bachelor's degree in any discipline from a recognized university. The candidates can either apply online or offline by filling out the application form and paying the requisite fee. The dates for the entrance test are announced well in advance, allowing candidates ample time to prepare and register for the exam.

The GSIB Entrance Test serves as an important criterion for admission into the MBA program at GITAM School of International Business. The performance in the entrance test, along with other factors such as academic record, work experience (if any), and performance in group discussion and personal interview rounds, determines the final selection of candidates for the MBA program.

Preparing for the GSIB Entrance Test requires a comprehensive study plan and diligent practice. Candidates are advised to refer to the recommended study materials, solve previous years' question papers, and take mock tests to assess their preparation level. Additionally, staying updated with current affairs and business news can also be beneficial in cracking the entrance test successfully.

In conclusion, the GSIB Entrance Test is a crucial step for candidates aspiring to pursue an MBA from GITAM School of International Business. The test evaluates their aptitude, analytical skills, and business acumen. Candidates should prepare diligently and follow a structured study plan to maximize their chances of securing admission into the MBA program.

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