Agricultural Engineering Courses in India

Updated: Jan 8

Agricultural engineering curriculum in India has great importance in the development of the country as agriculture is a major source of revenue. The Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) is the peak body for organizing, controlling and overseeing examination and schooling in agribusiness including cultivation, fisheries and creature sciences in India. ICAR, New Delhi conducts All India Entrance Examination to fill 15% seats in all agricultural universities across India. Agricultural engineering is the application of principles, knowledge and techniques of agricultural sciences and technology to farming creation and preparing. Its aim is to find solutions to problems in agriculture, raise the standard of living of farmers, increase agricultural productivity. Agricultural engineers use engineering and design principles for all exercises identified with agribusiness and agriculture. Agricultural farm machinery, agricultural structures, rural electrification, improvement in bio-gas, new technology in the design and manufacture of agricultural products and soil and water conservation are also some of the tasks that are handled by an agricultural engineer.

Diploma Courses in Agricultural Engineering

Diploma in Agricultural Engineering

Bachelor Degree Courses in Agricultural Engineering

B.E. (Agricultural and Irrigation Engineering)

B.E. (Agricultural Engineering)

B.Sc. (Rural Technology)

B.Tech. (Hons.) Agricultural Engineering

B.Tech. (Water Resources Engineering)

Post Graduate Diploma Courses in Agricultural Engineering

Post Graduate Diploma in Renewable Energy

Master Degree Courses in Agricultural Engineering

M.Sc. (Rural Technology)

M.Tech. (Agricultural Engineering)

M.Tech. (Agricultural Systems and Management)

M.Tech. (Aqua Cultural Engineering)

M.Tech. (Farm Machinery and Power Engineering)

M.Tech. (Irrigation and Drainage Engineering)

M.Tech. (Renewable Energy Engineering and Management)

M.Tech. (Renewable Energy)

M.Tech. (Rock Engineering and Underground Structures)

Ph.D. Degree Courses in Agricultural Engineering

Ph.D. (Agri-Informatics)

Ph.D. (Agriculture Engineering)

Ph.D. (Rural Technology)

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