Aqua Science Courses in India

What is Aqua Science?

Aqua Science is that the interdisciplinary study of Earth’s interrelated processes (atmosphere, oceans, and land surface) and their relationship to changes within the Earth. Also termed as Aquatic Science, this interdisciplinary field may require the study of geology, zoology, chemistry etc. The oceans are one main area in which people focus their marine careers; but there are many other aquatic environments such as estuaries, lakes, rivers, streams, and wetlands in which people base their work. Many species living in the aquatic world are economically valuable to humans, including fish. It is also becoming understood that the well-being of marine organisms and other organisms are linked to humans in many fundamental ways. The physical body of data regarding the connection between life within the sea and important cycles is rapidly growing, with new discoveries a day . Aquatic scientists study virtually everything having to try to to with the water in an attempt to enhance natural and human conditions. Aquatic scientists study the phenomena that cover time scales ranging from less than a second to daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal, annual, decadal, or geological (millions of years) time scales, and spatial scales ranging from millimetres to ocean-wide. These courses mainly focus on various concepts and principles of the domain and make the aspirants equipped with the proper knowledge, skills and attitude. The major topics that are covered in these courses are fisheries, water and fluid dynamics, freshwater ecology, freshwater biodiversity, water resources and drought conditions, pollution and water problems, oceanography and other relevant topics.

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