Automobile Engineering Courses in India

Updated: Jan 8

Automobile engineering is a part of vehicle technology and combination of mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, electrical engineering, software engineering and safety engineering elements that apply to the design, manufacture, assembling and operation of bikes, autos, cars, buses and trucks, and their related engineering subsystems. Automobile engineering is also known as automotive engineering. The automobile industry can be broadly divided into car manufacturing, heavy vehicle manufacturing and two-wheeler manufacturing. To work in this industry, one needs skilled and trained manpower with good technical knowledge. Many foreign companies have invested in the Indian automobile industry. India is the leading three-wheeler and two-wheeler manufacturer in the world. It is also the second-largest manufacturer of tractors.

Certificate Courses in Automobile Engineering

Certificate Course in Automobile Engineering

Certificate Course in Automobile Repair & Driving

Diploma Courses in Automobile Engineering

Diploma in Advance Automobile Technology

Diploma in Automobile Engineering

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Automobile)

Bachelor Degree Courses in Automobile Engineering

B.E. (Automobile Engineering)

B.Tech. (Automobile Engineering)

B.Tech. (Automotive Design Engineering)

B.Tech. (Hons.) Automobile Engineering

Master Degree Courses in Automobile Engineering

M.E. (Automation and Control Power System)

M.E. (Automobile Engineering)

M.E. (Automotive Engineering)

M.Sc. (Automobile Engineering)

M.Tech. (Automobile Engineering)

M.Tech. (Automotive Engineering and e-Manufacturing)

Ph.D. Degree Courses in Automobile Engineering

Ph.D. (Automobile Engineering)

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