Biotechnology Courses in India

What is Biotechnology? Biotechnology is a technology-based mainly on biology. Biotechnology has many benefits in many areas. For instance, in the medical field, we can choose the vitamins and minerals in order to boost the nutritional value of plants. Realize a life where most of the foods we eat are filled with vitamins and minerals.Biotechnology is everywhere; it helps us improve our lives and leads us to a the healthier world through innovations.

Biotechnology courses in India are counted amongst the advanced engineering courses owing to their application in developing various medicines, vaccines and diagnostics, increasing productivity, improving production and conservation. Biotechnology is the usage of scientific knowledge in the field of biology in order to supply goods and services to the agriculture, food science and medicine sector. It is mainly research-based and is an interdisciplinary science encompassing not only biology but also other subjects including physics, chemistry, mathematics, electricity and Engineering. Biotechnology is one of the fastest-growing fields as it finds applications in areas as varied as medicine, food technology, plant engineering, agriculture and environmental conservation. In fact, the use and application of biotechnology span a wide range of activities, including developing new varieties of seeds, fertilizers, improving livestock’s breeds, creating pesticides of various kinds, formulating cures for genetically inherited diseases and developing industrial enzymes that speed up the production processes. Biotechnology's intervention in the area of animal husbandry has improved animal breeds which are more productive. It also contributes to improving the quality of seeds, insecticides and fertilizers. Environmental biotechnology is a sub-branch which helps for pollution control and waste management. Biotechnologists are also involved in the production as well as marketing and research.

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