Computer Engineering Courses in India

What is Computer Engineering?

One of the most popular courses amongst engineering students, Computer Science Engineering (CSE) is an academic programme which consists of the field of Computer Engineering and Computer Science. The programme, which emphasises the basics of computer programming and networking, comprises a lot of topics. Those topics are related to computation, algorithms, programming languages, program design, computer software, computer hardware, etc. Computer Engineering Courses in India have really received wide popularity amongst the candidates even though computers became popular around the 2000's here. Various short and long term courses, certificate courses and training courses are provided even in rural India. Computers have become an essential part of Indian society, with most executives owning computers. No doubt that Computer Engineering in India has given a path to those who always wanted to indulge in this field but didn’t have the guidance and resources. Computer Engineering is a field of engineering which combines the principles and techniques of both Electronic Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science. It involves designing and testing of computer systems. It is also called as Electronic and Computer Engineering or Computer Systems Engineering.

Engineers Who work with computer hardware and software are termed as Computer Engineers. Broadly there are two types of Computer Engineers. Those who specialize in computer equipment are called Computer Hardware Engineers and those who work with computer programs are called Computer Software Engineers. Computer Software or generally Software is a collection of computer programs, procedures, instructions and documentation that performs the major tasks while running a computer system. Hardware refers to the mechanical, magnetic, electronic, and electrical equipment making up a computer system. Computer engineers apply their understanding of mathematics and science for the design and development of a computer.

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