Electrical Engineering Courses in India

What is Electrical Engineering?

Electrical Engineering is a discipline of engineering which deals with the study of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism. Trained electrical engineers design electrical circuits and manufacture equipment. They work on large power plants as well in small hardware manufacturing companies which include designing, manufacturing and operating as well as innovating power plants, industrial machinery, electrical motors, computer chips etc. Some other products can be listed as ignition systems for automobiles, aircraft, space crafts and all kinds of engines.

Electrical Engineering is that field of engineering which deals with the application of electricity, electronics circuitry and electromagnetism. Electrical Engineering Courses here in India consist of the laws of physics governing electricity, magnetism, and light to develop products and services for the benefit of the public. It became popular after commercialization of the electric telegraph and electrical power supply. It covers a wide range of areas including power, electronics, control systems, signal processing and telecommunications. Engineers in this field is known as Electrical Engineer. Electrical engineers carry out research and design, develop, test, and oversee the development of electronic systems and the production of electrical and electronic equipment and devices. Some of this equipment includes broadcast and communications systems, electric motors, machinery controls, lighting and wiring in buildings, automobiles, aircraft, radar, navigation systems, power generating, controlling and transmission devices used by electric utilities. Many electrical and electronics engineers also work in areas closely related to software and computers.

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