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NEET UG Biology Chapter-wise Previous Year Questions Test Series

Updated: Mar 15

NEET UG Biology Chapter-wise PYQ Test Series

The NEET UG Biology Chapter-wise Previous Year Questions Test Series is designed to provide you with a comprehensive practice resource for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) UG Biology section. The series consists of a set of tests based on the previous year's questions, helping you assess your understanding of the various chapters and topics.

Key Features

Chapter-wise Coverage:

The test series covers the entire NEET UG Biology syllabus, chapter-wise.

Previous Year Questions:

Each test consists of previous years' questions that closely reflect the exam pattern and difficulty level.

Real-time Exam Interface:

The tests are designed to mimic the real NEET UG exam interface, providing you with a realistic exam experience.

Detailed Solutions:

Each question comes with a detailed solution, helping you understand the concept behind the question.

Performance Analysis:

The series provides a detailed analysis of your performance, highlighting your strengths and weaknesses.

Detailed Reports:

The series generates comprehensive reports, providing insights into your performance and progress.

Benefits of Taking this Test Series

By taking the NEET UG Biology Chapter-wise Previous Year Questions Test Series, you can:

Improve your Understanding:

The series helps you analyze your strengths and weaknesses, enabling you to identify areas where you need more focus.

Boost Your Confidence:

Regular practice with the test series builds your confidence, enabling you to tackle the actual exam with ease.

Practice Time Management:

The series helps you develop effective time management strategies, allowing you to effectively manage your time during the exam.

Identify Hot Topics:

By analyzing the previous year's questions, you can identify the most important topics and concepts to focus on.

NEET UG Biology Chapter-wise Previous Year Questions Test Series

  1. The Living World

  2. Biological Classification

  3. Plant Kingdom

  4. Animal Kingdom

  5. Morphology of Flowering Plants

  6. Anatomy of Flowering Plants

  7. Structural Organisation in Animals

  8. Cell: The Unit of Life

  9. Biomolecules

  10. Cell Cycle and Cell Division

  11. Transport in Plants

  12. Mineral Nutrition

  13. Photosynthesis

  14. Respiration in Plants

  15. Plant Growth and Development

  16. Digestion and Absorption

  17. Breathing and Exchange of Gases

  18. Body Fluids and Circulation

  19. Excretory Products and Their Elimination

  20. Locomotion and Movement

  21. Neural Control and Coordination

  22. Chemical Coordination and Regulation

  23. Reproduction in Organisms

  24. Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants

  25. Human Reproduction

  26. Reproductive Health

  27. Principles of Inheritance and Variation

  28. Molecular Basis of Inheritance

  29. Evolution

  30. Human Health and Diseases

  31. Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production

  32. Microbes in Human Welfare

  33. Biotechnology: Principles and Processes

  34. Biotechnology and Its Applications

  35. Organisms and Populations

  36. Ecosystem

  37. Biodiversity and its Conservation

  38. Environmental issues

The NEET UG Biology Chapter-wise Previous Year Questions Test Series is a comprehensive and effective way to prepare for the Biology section of the NEET UG exam. By practicing with the previous year's questions, you can assess your understanding of the topics, identify areas for improvement, and enhance your overall performance. So, get started today and take one step closer to your dream of securing a seat in medical and dental colleges!

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