Printing Technology Courses in India

What is Printing Technology?

Printing Technology implies a wide range of technologies which are required to run printing & graphic communication jobs”.Printing is a process to produce a picture or text by applying “different methods like ink, dots, blocks, plates, etc. Printing Technology is that field in engineering courses which deals with printing press operations, design and creation. At present, printing technology is non-impact technology and mostly makes use of computers.

Printing Technology is the combination of various talents such as scientific, technical & artistic.

It is a part of the mass communication process which involves various skills such as technical skills that hold prime importance.

Printing Technology Courses in India are of great significance to the candidates and employment establishments. But before we dive into printing technology education, we need to understand a bit about Printing Technology. Printing Technology is a discipline of engineering which studies reproduction of text and image and all the associated techniques. This technology is mostly required in large scale industries and forms an essential part of publishing and transaction printing. Most of the printing work is achieved through ink on paper using a printing press and other similar methods. Largest Printing works are undertaken by newspapers and periodicals, making it the largest employment sector of these engineers. Also called Printing Engineering, it is an art as well because of the many types of printing involved and the technical skills used to express creativity. It is also a multi-disciplinary field, utilizing principles of applied science, commercial art, computer science, photography, mechanical and electronic engineering etc. Printing technology is closely associated with publishing, however, printing has a wider reach scope and exists as an autonomous industry as well.

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