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Amara Jyothi Public School

Amara Jyothi Public School

Contact Information

Location: Basavanapura Main Road, Devasandra, Near Silicon City College, Krishnarajapuram, Bangalore, Karnataka 560036, India

Call: 6363853388, 8277431666, 8277431555

Affiliated to CBSE - Central Board of Secondary Education


Nursery - Class XII

CBSE Board

Private School

Co-Educational School

Established in 2001

Amara Jyothi Public School is a well-known educational institution located on Basavanapura Main Road, Devasandra, near Silicon City College in Krishnarajapuram, Bangalore, Karnataka, India. The school can be contacted at the following numbers: 6363853388, 8277431666, and 8277431555.

Amara Jyothi Public School is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), which ensures that the academic curriculum and standards meet the national standards set by the CBSE. This affiliation provides students with a comprehensive education that prepares them for their future endeavors.

The school offers education from Nursery to Class XII, covering a wide range of grade levels. The CBSE board ensures that students receive a holistic education that encompasses various subjects and disciplines.

Amara Jyothi Public School is a private institution that provides quality education to its students. As a private school, it has the flexibility to implement innovative teaching methods and provide individual attention to each student, fostering their growth and development.

Furthermore, Amara Jyothi Public School is a co-educational institution, providing education to both boys and girls. This creates a diverse and inclusive learning environment that promotes collaboration and understanding among students.

The school was established in 2001 with the aim of providing a nurturing and supportive educational environment for students. Over the years, it has built a reputation for academic excellence and holistic development.

In conclusion, Amara Jyothi Public School is a renowned educational institution in Bangalore, offering education from Nursery to Class XII. It is affiliated with the CBSE board, providing students with a comprehensive curriculum. Being a private, co-educational school, it prioritizes individual attention and fosters a diverse learning environment. With its establishment in 2001, the school has been dedicated to providing quality education to its students.

Amara Jyothi Public School

JEE Main and NEET UG Preparation

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