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Baby Foots Play School

Baby Foots Play School

Contact Information

Location: Plot No. 535, Sector No. 28, Mahalsakant Chowk, Nigdi, Pune, Maharashtra 411044, India

Call: 9923905604


Play School

Private School

Co-Educational School

Welcome to Baby Foots Play School, a premier educational institution located in the heart of Pune, Maharashtra. With a strong focus on providing a nurturing and stimulating environment, Baby Foots Play School stands out as a top choice for parents seeking quality education for their little ones.

Play School Education at its Best

At Baby Foots Play School, we believe that early childhood education sets the foundation for a child's future. Our play school program is designed to foster holistic development, encompassing cognitive, physical, social, and emotional growth. Through a blend of interactive learning activities and play-based methodologies, we create an environment where children can explore, imagine, and learn in a fun-filled manner.

Private School Excellence

As a private school, Baby Foots Play School provides an exceptional standard of education. Our dedicated team of experienced educators is committed to delivering personalized attention to each child, ensuring their individual needs and talents are nurtured. With small class sizes, we create a conducive learning atmosphere that fosters engagement, collaboration, and academic progress.

Embracing Co-Education

We take pride in being a co-educational school that promotes gender equality and diversity. By providing an inclusive environment, children have the opportunity to learn and grow together, fostering mutual respect and understanding. Our curriculum encourages teamwork, empathy, and the development of essential life skills that will benefit them throughout their educational journey and beyond.

Enriching Facilities and Resources

Baby Foots Play School boasts state-of-the-art facilities and resources that enhance the learning experience. Our campus features spacious and well-equipped classrooms, a dedicated play area, and a library stocked with a wide range of age-appropriate books. We also offer extracurricular activities, including music, art, and sports, to provide a well-rounded education that caters to the diverse interests of our students.

At Baby Foots Play School, we strive to create a nurturing and stimulating environment where children can thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. With our play school program, private school excellence, and commitment to co-education, we lay the foundation for a bright and promising future for every child. Contact us today at Plot No. 535, Sector No. 28, Mahalsakant Chowk, Nigdi, Pune, Maharashtra 411044, India or give us a call at 9923905604 to learn more about how Baby Foots Play School can be the perfect educational partner for your child's early years.

Baby Foots Play School

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