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Bachpan A Play School - Kandivali

Bachpan A Play School - Kandivali

Contact Information

Location: Shop No. 21, 22, 23, Turakhia Park, Building No. 2, MG Road, Kandivali, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400067, India

Call: 9967382335, 9136841602, 9136841602


Play - Nursery

Private School

Co-Educational School

Bachpan A Play School in Kandivali, Mumbai is a renowned educational institution that caters to the developmental needs of young children. With a prime location on MG Road, this play school offers a nurturing environment where children can learn and grow. Let's explore the exceptional features and educational opportunities provided by Bachpan A Play School.

Location and Contact Information

Situated at Shop No. 21, 22, 23, Turakhia Park, Building No. 2, MG Road, Kandivali, Mumbai, Maharashtra, this play school is easily accessible to parents and guardians. For any inquiries or admissions, you can contact them at 9967382335, 9136841602, or 9136841602.

Play-Nursery Education

Bachpan A Play School excels in providing a comprehensive play-nursery curriculum that focuses on the holistic development of children. Their curriculum is designed to stimulate cognitive, physical, social, and emotional growth. Through various engaging activities, children are encouraged to explore, imagine, and learn.

Private and Co-Educational School

As a private and co-educational school, Bachpan ensures an inclusive learning environment for both boys and girls. This allows children to develop essential social skills and learn to interact with peers from diverse backgrounds. The school fosters a sense of equality and encourages collaboration among students.

Experienced Faculty and Staff

Bachpan A Play School takes pride in its dedicated and experienced faculty and staff members. They are passionate about early childhood education and are trained to provide a nurturing and safe environment for children. The teachers at Bachpan are not only knowledgeable but also compassionate, ensuring that each child receives personalized attention.

Bachpan A Play School - Kandivali is a leading educational institution that strives to shape young minds with excellence. With its prime location, play-nursery curriculum, private and co-educational setting, and experienced faculty, this school provides a strong foundation for the overall development of children. If you're seeking a nurturing and stimulating environment for your child's early education, Bachpan A Play School is an ideal choice.

Bachpan A Play School - Kandivali

JEE Main and NEET UG Preparation

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