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Bengali Bazar High School

Bengali Bazar High School

Location: 1-39, Garden Reach Road, P.O.+P.S. Garden Reach, Sub Div Alipore, Kolkata - 7000624, West Bengal, India

Phone: (03224)-696866


High Secondary School

West Bengal Board of Secondary Education

Private School

Co-Educational School


Bengali Bazar High School, located at 1-39, Garden Reach Road, Kolkata, holds a significant place in the education landscape of West Bengal, India. Established as a private co-educational institution, this high school has been shaping young minds and fostering academic excellence for years. In this blog post, we will delve into the rich history, educational standards, and notable features of Bengali Bazar High School.

A Glimpse into the Past

Founded several decades ago, Bengali Bazar High School has a captivating history that reflects the cultural and educational heritage of the region. This section will explore the origins of the school, highlighting its contribution to the local community and the milestones it has achieved over the years.

Academic Excellence and Curriculum

One of the key aspects that sets Bengali Bazar High School apart is its commitment to academic excellence. With affiliation to the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education, the school follows a comprehensive curriculum that ensures holistic development of students. This section will discuss the subjects offered, teaching methodologies, and the emphasis on practical learning.

Facilities and Infrastructure

Bengali Bazar High School boasts a well-equipped campus that facilitates a conducive learning environment. From spacious classrooms to modern science laboratories and a well-stocked library, the school provides students with the necessary resources to excel academically. This section will delve into the various facilities available on campus, emphasizing the school's dedication to providing a well-rounded educational experience.

Co-Curricular Activities and Sports

Education is not just limited to textbooks at Bengali Bazar High School. The school strongly believes in the importance of co-curricular activities and sports for the overall development of students. This section will highlight the range of activities and sports offered, showcasing the school's efforts in nurturing students' talents and encouraging their participation in extracurricular pursuits.


Bengali Bazar High School, with its rich legacy, commitment to academic excellence, and focus on holistic development, stands as a beacon of education in Kolkata. The school's dedication to nurturing young minds and providing them with a well-rounded education has made it a preferred choice for students and parents alike. Bengali Bazar High School continues to shape the future generation, preparing them to face the challenges of the ever-evolving world.

Bengali Bazar High School

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