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EuroSchool Wakad

EuroSchool Wakad

Contact Information

Location: Survey No. 187, Near Dutta Mandir, Adjacent to Palash Complex, Wakad, Pune, Maharashtra 411057, India

Affiliated to CISCE - Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination

Group: EuroSchools


Nursery - Class XII


Private School

Co-Educational School

EuroSchool Wakad, located in Pune, Maharashtra, is a prestigious educational institution affiliated with the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE). With a comprehensive curriculum spanning from Nursery to Class XII, EuroSchool Wakad has established itself as a leading choice for parents seeking a quality education for their children.

Location and Facilities:

Situated in Survey No. 187, near Dutta Mandir, adjacent to Palash Complex, the school enjoys a prime location in Wakad, Pune. The campus boasts state-of-the-art facilities including spacious classrooms, well-equipped science and computer labs, a library stocked with an extensive collection of books, and dedicated spaces for sports and extracurricular activities.

Curriculum and Board Affiliation:

EuroSchool Wakad follows the ICSE/ISC Board curriculum, providing students with a holistic and balanced education. The school emphasizes a learner-centric approach, fostering critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills among students. With a well-structured curriculum, EuroSchool Wakad aims to nurture well-rounded individuals who are prepared for the challenges of the future.

Co-Educational Environment:

EuroSchool Wakad prides itself on being a co-educational institution, promoting gender equality and creating a diverse learning environment. By encouraging interaction and collaboration between boys and girls, the school prepares students to thrive in a multicultural society and develop respect for one another.

Qualified Faculty:

One of the key strengths of EuroSchool Wakad is its highly qualified and experienced faculty. The teachers are trained to deliver engaging and interactive lessons, catering to the individual learning needs of students. With a student-centric approach, the faculty goes beyond traditional teaching methods to ensure every child receives personalized attention and guidance.

Extracurricular Activities:

EuroSchool Wakad recognizes the importance of holistic development and offers a wide range of extracurricular activities. From sports and performing arts to literary clubs and community service initiatives, students have ample opportunities to explore their interests and talents outside the classroom. These activities not only enhance their skills but also promote teamwork, leadership, and a sense of social responsibility.

EuroSchool Wakad stands out as a premier co-educational institution in Pune, offering a comprehensive curriculum, top-notch facilities, and a nurturing environment for students to thrive. With its learner-centric approach, qualified faculty, and emphasis on holistic development, EuroSchool Wakad is committed to providing an enriching educational experience that prepares students for a successful future.

EuroSchool Wakad

JEE Main and NEET UG Preparation

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