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Gatik International Nursery Island School - GINI

Gatik International Nursery Island School - GINI

Contact Information:

Location: 111, Mahavir Nagar, Kanadia Road, Indore, Madhya Pradesh 452001, India

Call: (0731) 4072204 , 9039030040, 9424072204


Play - Nursery

Private School

Co-Educational School

Established in 2013

Gatik International Nursery Island School (GINI) is a state-of-the-art educational institution that provides quality education to children from nursery to primary level. With its excellent facilities and dedicated teachers, GINI nurtures young minds and helps them develop the skills and values necessary for future success.

The school offers a wide range of features that cater to the needs of its students. The play - nursery section provides a stimulating and age-appropriate environment for young children to explore and learn. The curriculum is designed to develop essential skills in language, mathematics, and motor skills, ensuring that every child is well-prepared for formal schooling.

GINI is a private institution that believes in personalized attention and individualized learning. The experienced and qualified teachers create a supportive and nurturing atmosphere, ensuring that each student receives the necessary guidance and support. The school also emphasizes extracurricular activities, such as sports, arts, and music, to promote a well-rounded education.

Being a co-educational school, GINI encourages boys and girls to learn and grow together. This fosters a healthy and inclusive environment, where children can learn from each other and develop important social skills. The school promotes gender equality and equal opportunities for all students.

GINI was established in 2013 and has since become a trusted name in the field of education. The school's commitment to academic excellence and holistic development has earned it a strong reputation among parents and the community. With a focus on traditional values and modern teaching methods, GINI provides a perfect platform for students to excel academically and personally.

In conclusion, Gatik International Nursery Island School (GINI) is a leading provider of quality education in Indore. With its play - nursery section, private school status, co-educational environment, and commitment to excellence, GINI offers an ideal setting for nurturing young minds and preparing them for a brighter future.

Gatik International Nursery Island School - GINI

JEE Main and NEET UG Preparation

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