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Mussoorie Public School

Mussoorie Public School

Contact Information

Location: Pratap Bhawan, Massori, Uttarakhand 248179, India

Call: (0135) 2631529, 2633529

Affiliated to CISCE - Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination


Nursery - Class XII


Private School

Co-Educational School

Established in 1966

Mussoorie Public School, located in Pratap Bhawan, Massori, Uttarakhand, has been a prominent educational institution since its establishment in 1966. Affiliated to CISCE (Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination), this co-educational private school offers education from Nursery to Class XII, following the ICSE/ISC Board curriculum. In this blog post, we will delve into the various features that make Mussoorie Public School a remarkable institution.

A Rich History of Excellence

Mussoorie Public School has a long-standing tradition of academic excellence and holistic development. With its founding in 1966, the school has provided quality education to countless students over the years. Its commitment to nurturing young minds and fostering a love for learning has been a cornerstone of its success.

Comprehensive Curriculum and Facilities

One of the key features of Mussoorie Public School is its curriculum, which is designed to impart knowledge while encouraging critical thinking and practical application. The school follows the ICSE/ISC Board syllabus, ensuring a well-rounded education for its students. Alongside academics, the school offers state-of-the-art facilities, including well-equipped laboratories, a library, sports grounds, and extracurricular activities to support the holistic development of students.

Dedicated and Experienced Faculty

At Mussoorie Public School, the faculty plays a pivotal role in shaping the educational experience of students. The school boasts a team of dedicated and experienced teachers who are passionate about their subjects and committed to the success of their students. With their expertise and guidance, students receive the necessary support to excel academically and develop essential life skills.

Focus on Co-curricular Activities

Recognizing the importance of a well-rounded education, Mussoorie Public School places a strong emphasis on co-curricular activities. From sports and performing arts to literary clubs and community service initiatives, students have ample opportunities to explore their interests, showcase their talents, and develop valuable skills beyond the classroom. These activities foster teamwork, leadership, creativity, and personal growth.

Mussoorie Public School stands as an epitome of educational excellence, offering a comprehensive and enriching learning environment for students. With a rich history, dedicated faculty, comprehensive curriculum, and a focus on co-curricular activities, the school continues to nurture the potential of its students and prepare them for a successful future.

Mussoorie Public School

JEE Main and NEET UG Preparation

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