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Quest High School

Quest High School

Contact Information:

Location: 20-4-598, Fateh Darwaza, Shah Gunj, Bhawani Nagar, (Quresh Building) Jubilee, Hyderabad, Telangana 500002, India

Call: (040) 24411631

Affiliated to BSEAP - Andhra Pradesh Board of Secondary Education


High Secondary School

Andhra Pradesh Board of Secondary Education

Private School

Co-Educational School

Quest High School, nestled in the heart of Hyderabad, is a renowned educational institution that has been shaping young minds for years. With its affiliation to the Andhra Pradesh Board of Secondary Education and its commitment to providing a high-quality education, Quest High School has become a beacon of academic excellence in the region.

High Standards of Education

At Quest High School, the pursuit of academic excellence is at the core of its mission. The school maintains high standards of education, ensuring that students receive a comprehensive and well-rounded learning experience. With a dedicated faculty and modern teaching methods, Quest High School creates an environment that nurtures intellectual curiosity and fosters a love for learning.

Andhra Pradesh Board of Secondary Education

As an institution affiliated with the Andhra Pradesh Board of Secondary Education, Quest High School follows a curriculum that is in line with the state's educational standards. This ensures that students receive a well-structured education that prepares them for future academic pursuits and equips them with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in their chosen fields.

A Private and Co-Educational School

Quest High School takes pride in being a private and co-educational institution. By offering education to both boys and girls, the school promotes an inclusive and diverse learning environment. This allows students to interact and collaborate with peers from different backgrounds, fostering a sense of understanding, respect, and teamwork.

Holistic Development

Education at Quest High School goes beyond academics. The school places great emphasis on the holistic development of its students. Alongside rigorous academic programs, students are encouraged to engage in various extracurricular activities such as sports, arts, and community service. This holistic approach helps students develop their talents, build character, and become well-rounded individuals.

Quest High School stands as a testament to the power of education and its ability to shape young minds. With its commitment to academic excellence, affiliation to the Andhra Pradesh Board of Secondary Education, private and co-educational environment, and emphasis on holistic development, Quest High School continues to provide a nurturing space for students to grow, learn, and thrive.

Quest High School

JEE Main and NEET UG Preparation

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