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Rajalakshmi Matriculation School

Rajalakshmi Matriculation School

Contact Information

Location: #7, 5th Trust Cross Street, R.A. Puram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600028, India

Call: (044) 24641444

Affiliated to TNBSE - Tamil Nadu Board of Secondary Education


Class V - Class X

Tamil Nadu Board of Secondary Education

Private School

Co-Educational School

Rajalakshmi Matriculation School, nestled in the heart of R.A. Puram, Chennai, is a beacon of academic excellence and holistic education. With its prime location, strong affiliation to the Tamil Nadu Board of Secondary Education, and a wide range of features, this private co-educational institution stands out as a premier choice for students and parents alike.

A Legacy of Education

Rajalakshmi Matriculation School has proudly served the community for several decades, establishing a strong legacy of providing quality education. With classes ranging from V to X, the school caters to the crucial formative years of a student's academic journey.

The Tamil Nadu Board Advantage

Affiliated to the Tamil Nadu Board of Secondary Education (TNBSE), Rajalakshmi Matriculation School ensures that students receive a curriculum that is in line with the state's educational standards. This affiliation not only guarantees a comprehensive syllabus but also prepares students for important board examinations.

A Haven for Personal Growth

At Rajalakshmi Matriculation School, education goes beyond textbooks and exams. The school fosters an environment that nurtures the overall development of students. With a focus on co-curricular activities, sports, and cultural events, students are encouraged to explore their talents and passions beyond the classroom.

The Dedicated Faculty

The backbone of any educational institution is its faculty, and Rajalakshmi Matriculation School takes immense pride in its team of experienced and dedicated teachers. With their expertise and commitment, they ensure that every student receives personalized attention, guidance, and support to excel in their academic pursuits.

Rajalakshmi Matriculation School stands tall as an institution that combines academic rigor with a holistic approach to education. Its affiliation with the Tamil Nadu Board of Secondary Education, dedicated faculty, and commitment to overall development make it an ideal choice for students seeking a well-rounded learning experience. To learn more about this esteemed institution, contact Rajalakshmi Matriculation School at #7, 5th Trust Cross Street, R.A. Puram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600028, India, or call (044) 24641444.

Rajalakshmi Matriculation School

JEE Main and NEET UG Preparation

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