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Spring Board International Preschool - SBIPS Pileru

Spring Board International Preschool - SBIPS Pileru

Contact Information:

Location: Kadapa Road, Pileru, Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh 517214, India

Call: 9493856037

Group: Spring Board International Preschool - SBIPS


Play - Kindergarten

Private School

Co-Educational School

Spring Board International Preschool - SBIPS Pileru is a renowned educational institution located on Kadapa Road in Pileru, Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh. With a commitment to providing quality education to young learners, SBIPS offers a range of programs for children from playgroup to kindergarten. In this blog post, we will explore the features and highlights of SBIPS Pileru, showcasing why it is the ideal choice for parents seeking a comprehensive and nurturing educational environment for their children.

Location and Contact Information

Located on Kadapa Road in Pileru, Chittoor, SBIPS Pileru enjoys a convenient and accessible location for families in the area. Whether you reside in Pileru or the surrounding areas, SBIPS is just a phone call away. For any inquiries or to schedule a visit, you can contact SBIPS Pileru at 9493856037.

Programs and Curriculum

SBIPS Pileru offers a range of programs tailored to meet the developmental needs of children at different stages. From playgroup to kindergarten, each program is designed to provide a solid foundation for a child's educational journey. The curriculum at SBIPS Pileru is thoughtfully crafted, incorporating a blend of academics, creative expression, and social-emotional development. With a focus on holistic learning, children are encouraged to explore, inquire, and discover the world around them.

Play and Kindergarten Facilities

At SBIPS Pileru, play and kindergarten facilities are designed to create a safe and stimulating environment for young learners. The school boasts spacious and well-equipped classrooms, indoor and outdoor play areas, and age-appropriate learning materials. The dedicated staff ensures that children have ample opportunities to engage in play-based learning, fostering their cognitive, physical, and social development.

Private and Co-Educational School

SBIPS Pileru takes pride in being a private and co-educational school. This inclusive approach allows children from diverse backgrounds to come together, learn from one another, and develop essential skills such as empathy, cooperation, and respect. The school promotes gender equality and creates a nurturing environment where every child feels valued and encouraged to reach their full potential.

Spring Board International Preschool - SBIPS Pileru stands out as a premier educational institution in Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh. With its convenient location, comprehensive programs, and nurturing environment, SBIPS Pileru is dedicated to nurturing young minds and preparing them for a successful future. If you are seeking a preschool or kindergarten for your child, SBIPS Pileru is an excellent choice that prioritizes quality education and holistic development.

Spring Board International Preschool - SBIPS Pileru

JEE Main and NEET UG Preparation

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