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Dreamland Play School

Dreamland Play School

Contact Information

Location: Veersidhnak CHS, Room No. 9, Kurla East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400024, India


Play School

Private School

Co-Educational School

Dreamland Play School, located in Veersidhnak CHS, Room No. 9, Kurla East, Mumbai, Maharashtra, is a renowned educational institution that offers a nurturing and stimulating environment for children. With its focus on play-based learning, private school curriculum, and co-educational setup, Dreamland Play School stands as a beacon of excellence in early childhood education.

Play School Education

Dreamland Play School understands the significance of play in a child's development. With a carefully crafted play-based curriculum, children are encouraged to explore their creativity, develop social skills, and enhance cognitive abilities through interactive and imaginative play. The dedicated play areas, equipped with age-appropriate toys and materials, provide a conducive environment for holistic growth.

Private School Curriculum

Dreamland Play School takes pride in its well-designed private school curriculum that integrates academic learning with co-curricular activities. The curriculum is thoughtfully structured to foster intellectual, emotional, and physical development. Experienced and trained educators ensure that each child receives personalized attention and guidance, nurturing their individual talents and abilities.

Co-Educational Setup

Dreamland Play School embraces the benefits of a co-educational environment, where children learn to interact and collaborate with peers of both genders. This inclusive setup promotes gender equality, mutual respect, and understanding among children from an early age. It lays the foundation for healthy social relationships and prepares them for a diverse society.

Dreamland Play School, nestled in the heart of Mumbai, offers a remarkable educational experience for children. With its play-based approach, private school curriculum, and co-educational setup, it creates a nurturing and stimulating environment that fosters holistic growth. Dreamland Play School is a place where children's dreams take flight, and lifelong love for learning begins.

Dreamland Play School

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