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Morning Blossom Montessori and Preschool - Maheshtala

Morning Blossom Montessori and Preschool - Maheshtala

Location: B-1-154, New Baddir Bandh, Budge Budge Trunk Road, Maheshtala, Kolkata - 700014, West Bengal, India


Play - Kindergarten

Private School

Co-Educational School


Morning Blossom Montessori and Preschool, located in the vibrant city of Maheshtala, Kolkata, is a renowned educational institution dedicated to providing exceptional early childhood education. With a focus on play-based learning and a nurturing environment, Morning Blossom is the perfect choice for parents seeking a quality kindergarten experience for their little ones.

A Haven for Play and Exploration

At Morning Blossom, play is at the heart of the learning process. Understanding the importance of play in a child's development, the school has thoughtfully designed play areas that stimulate creativity, imagination, and social interaction. Children engage in various activities, such as art, music, and physical play, fostering holistic growth and a love for learning.

Montessori Approach to Education

Morning Blossom embraces the Montessori philosophy, which encourages independent thinking and hands-on learning. The school follows the Montessori method, allowing children to explore their interests and develop at their own pace. With a focus on practical life skills, sensorial experiences, and academic foundations, the Montessori approach at Morning Blossom lays a strong foundation for future academic success.

A Private, Co-Educational Haven

Morning Blossom Montessori and Preschool is a private, co-educational institution that values diversity and inclusivity. With a belief in the power of learning together, the school creates an environment where boys and girls can grow, learn, and thrive side by side. This co-educational setting promotes collaboration, understanding, and respect among students, preparing them for a harmonious future.

A Commitment to Excellence

Morning Blossom Montessori and Preschool takes pride in its commitment to excellence. The highly qualified and experienced teachers create a safe and nurturing space for children to learn and grow. With small class sizes, individual attention is given to each child, ensuring personalized learning experiences. The school also provides ongoing professional development for its educators, ensuring they stay updated with the latest educational practices.


Morning Blossom Montessori and Preschool in Maheshtala is a beacon of early childhood education, offering a stimulating and nurturing environment where children can flourish. With its focus on play-based learning, Montessori approach, co-education, and commitment to excellence, the school sets the foundation for a bright future for its young learners.

Morning Blossom Montessori and Preschool - Maheshtala

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